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SpiritDAO x NYC x Social Impact

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SpiritDAO x NYC x Social Impact

The past few weeks have been eventful here at SpiritDAO, with members traveling to share our efforts with the world.

Ron Rivers attended NFT NYC 2024 to speak on a panel about leveraging NFTs for Social Impact work. The session was well-attended, and panelists explored how blockchain technology empowers nonprofits and philanthropic organizations to realize their missions better.


Next stop was the New School, where Ron spoke to a group of faculty and students around leveraging DAO infrastructure for social impact. It was a high level talk given the base knowledge of the audience, but dove deeply into SpiritDAO's infrastructure as a basis for ideating around how their efforts may be realized.

These efforts help to highlight pathways for participation and thought leadership for SpiritDAO members and the community as a whole. With the upcoming whitepaper SpiritDAO is well positioned to bridge the gap between traditional philanthropy and web3!

As we begin to move forward with these efforts we'll be expanding educational opportunities for our members. (More below)

Expanded Community Sessions

In an effort to further our core purposes, Ron Rivers is organizing additional weekly connection sessions for SpiritDAO members and SpiritDAO curious peoples.

Beginning the week of April 21st, the following sessions will become weekly events:

  • Tuesdays at 12:00 pm EST: Philanthropic / Nonprofit Education
    As we further our Whitepaper efforts we want to be sure that we are empowering members of our community to participate. These sessions will focus on the traditional nonprofit/philanthropic sectors and how we might create pathways to service for our members as consultants bridging the gap. All are welcome but only token-holding members will be able to participate in consultations.

  • Fridays at 12:00 pm EST: Web3 / AI Education
    Designed for members who are unfamiliar with Web3, each week we'll explore new verticals in the space to help understand the process and protocols of these emerging technologies. We'll focus on technologies and practices leveraged by SpiritDAO as well as others, ideally sharing learnings around emerging technologies and practices.

While these are two initial suggestions / plans being put forth, the ideal is that our community will volunteer to hold space/sessions based on their own personal experiences. This way we strengthen our shared network in an effort to realize our shared visions.

Sign up to host a session here:

Coming Soon

  • It's been long suggested by community members that we become more active in the public sphere. We're targeting May to begin hosting Twitter Spaces multiple times a week. These spaces would primarily focus on our philosophy and practice, but delve into the work of others as well. If you have any suggestions for topics or can help support our efforts please let us know.


Trademark transfer confirmed/finalized. Document uploaded to our google drive (members access via

📙 Completed the SpiritDAO Case study:
-- Note that we are only awaiting a list of donors from our recent Octant <> GreenPill round to add them to the "Made Possible By" section. Upon receiving this the document will be complete.

🌐 Whitepaper Landing Page:
-- still some minor additions to be made like adding the files and including a call to action

💰 Received our matching funds from the recent Octant <> GreenPill fundraiser: 0.22 ETH (~$700 US)!! Thank you for your support.

📆 We have a new public facing calendar that you can integrate into your current Google Calendar!

📝 Sign up to host an educational session for the SpiritDAO community:

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