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How Stephan Wolfram is Supporting Spiritual Renaissance

Analyzing Stephan Wolfram's recent interview with Lex Fridman in the context of the single truth and relational universe.

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In a recent interview with Lex Fridman, Stephan Wolfram spoke of the relationship between the individual observer and the laws of physics. Specifically about how the two are one thing, the physics we observe requires humanity to be the observers. We interpret the laws of nature through our symbols and creations, reducing complexity and making decisions within an immediate present that is uniquely ours. It is a statement further encouraging spiritual renaissance, realigning our frameworks of meaning and value with what is instead of preserving what was. Here we’ll explore how spiritual-structural alignment with the single truth and relational universe continues to be supported by our present understanding of physics, quantum mechanics, and mathematics. 

The above image illustrates a moment of awareness through our experience of laws governing our physical universe. Gravity and the structure of spacetime govern space, which bends in the presence of objects. Branchial represents the quantum world, where everything can be anything until it commits something specific to history. The second law of thermodynamics governs molecules, which means they spread out and mix up over time. Each of these three universal systems exists in direct relation to the observer. All interactions occur within a moment, and it is only within that moment that they are real.

Consider also that all three aggregate universal laws are bound to the single truth of change. The structure of spacetime is perpetually bending to the objects occupying it. Quantum mechanics originates at the point of observation, which is always bound to the changing focus and energy of the individual observer. Molecules only exist in a constant state of change; particles are always in motion, constantly interacting and rearranging themselves. Our relationship with the universe is whole, total, and a single happening within a moment. An awareness that perpetually evolves omnidirectionally throughout the time experience. 

Wolfram’s statement echoes those of many eminent minds at the forefront of cosmology, physics, and mathematics. It also provides a context for spiritual renaissance. Today we inhabit a world of few alternatives, where the dominant philosophies governing our relationships with ourselves and others are inherited—our birth lottery being the most accurate indicator of what spiritual beliefs we may/may not embody. Now we increasingly understand that the context these philosophies provide about the nature of being and our relationships with others do not accurately represent our universe as we know it. Where they once promoted purpose and alignment, now they fail to meet the needs of the moment.

Humanity is at the center of this universe, at least from the context of its laws. Our various sciences tell us that human focus, energy, and imagination are central to constructing the observable universe. Therefore, our moral imperative is to build a reality where the individual is most free to maximize this phenomenon. This idea supports the concept of human divinity as the alignment of the two observable infinities—the universe itself and human imagination. To that end, reimagining spirituality must be bound to reimagining the core values that guide our personal beliefs and a commitment to systemic actualization. 

Today the organization of local, national, and global society is structured in a way that prioritizes power maintenance over collective elevation. Now we find ourselves in moments where our most advanced scientific knowledge and theory demand more. The divergence between our collective intelligence and the norms we guide ourselves through widens. So far, our only response is to prolong dissociative dogmas that leave us lost in transition. We need more. Self-actualization as the combination of individual and systemic actualization provides a framework of action that most deeply align our efforts with what is, rejecting dogmas focusing on maintaining what was.

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