Deep Dive 5: Unpacking decentralization and autonomy in DAOs with Michael Zargham

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Deep Dive 5: Unpacking decentralization and autonomy in DAOs with Michael Zargham

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Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) are one of the foundational concepts pioneered by those in the crypto ecosystem. The idea for these new forms of organizations have served as inspiration for idealists with visions of more equitable governance structures.

All decentralized protocols and cryptocurrency networks wrestle with the question of governance both on the technical and the human level. While DAOs today generally imply the use of governance of cryptocurrency systems, Zargham makes the point that this question of decentralized governance is as old as human coordination.

This is one of our favorite concepts to explore in this crazy world of magic Internet money. We're including a slew of links below.


PS: We were late to publish this week for a few reasons. The Square 1 host has been focused on executing a plan to launch a new defi protocol and our sound engineer just finished his masters thesis titled Electronic Music and its Place in Nature.

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