Deluezian Economics

Flowstate In Networked Economies

Deluezian Economics:

The internet is a complex adaptive system. As we becoming a fully networked society, being matters less than becoming. There are infinite things now (including us). The scale means each thing matters less.

What matters more are the networks and relationships between these things. Attention flows between those networks. It’s never fixed, always coming and going. We measure those flows on the internet as bandwidth. It’s the energy of the system.

Attention is bandwidth. It’s liquidity. It’s the limiting factor. 

In Deluezian economics, attention is money. 

Tokens are units of attention. They are a programmable media for a networked society. To trade tokens is to trade attention. To hold a token is to signify belief. You give it your attention. When you enter into a token position, you are joining an attention flow towards a belief. 

You’ve begun a journey with an accounting of belief. That’s the entry price. As the price moves, it reflects your journey. It’s shows progress in your belief. It captures your attention. Up until a point. 

When you exit a token position, you are breaking that belief and turning attention elsewhere. It’s a shifting of bandwidth across the complex adaptive system from one belief to another. This is a flow. These flows are in motion. They are becoming.

The things in themselves do not matter. Their being is only useful to becoming. Becoming is attention. It is the bandwidth. It is the token.

TLDR: Tokens are units of attention and how they shift and flow across the internet is how we measure the validity of our beliefs. Our gain or loss on a token represents the progress of a belief towards becoming a reality.

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