Starholder's Quantum Timeline

Key Events & Story Scaffolds in Quantum Development

The first major story arc in Starholder emerges with The Collision, a series of events centered around the development of quantum technology and its geopolitical implications in Starholder.

The Quantum Timeline:

1/13/2005 - With The Mirage Accord, The Architect and Bush Administration enter into a quid pro quo that clears fast track construction of the Ivanpah Supercollider.

3/1/2005 - The Ivanpah Supercollider Project is publicly announced as the Architect steps back from his other business interests to pursue quantum technology and neutrino communications.

6/13/2005 - Ivanpah Tract Exchange documents a land exchange between the Architect and the Bureau of Land Management.

1/12/2006 - The CERN board of governors is briefed on Ivanpah's progress and the high probability of intellectual property theft that is allowing for its accelerated development.

2/15/2006 - Tamira Fontenot joins the staff at Ivanpah, continuing her migration after being displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

7/18/2006 - A wide ranging interview with the actor Dennis Hopper veers into his friendship with the Architect, revealing insights and motivations about the famously reclusive figure at the center of the supercollider project.

10/8/2006 - Michael Burry announces to LPs that Scion Capital is taking short positions against the Architect's primary businesses, Pilantes and Foresight Homes.

5/30/2007 - An unidentified woman trips on mushrooms in Joshua Tree National Park and contemplates the implications of Ivanpah.

10/30/2007 - Barack Obama throws shade at the relationship between Ivanpah and the Bush Administration in a stump speech.

2/6/2008 - Global Investor Magazine probes an emerging web of dark money flowing around Ivanpah, suggesting a larger geopolitical game is being played now that the Architect's financial position is weakened.

3/12/2008 - We get a rare personal insight into the Architect's thoughts and aspirations.

4/27/2008 - Alarm bells go off at the NSA as reports come in that the Ivanpah Supercollider has been activated. Obama's fixer, Chess Hawkins, is briefed on the situation.

5/14/2008 - Sent to Crawford to meet Bush, Chess Hawkins learns the real game being played behind Ivanpah. In an hours long meeting the ex-president lays out a strategy to bring quantum chip development to the US and provide a contingency plan for when China invades Taiwan.

6/30/2008 - Staggered by the global financial crisis, the Architect is forced to take on outside help in the Ivanpah project. Taiwanese chip manufacturer Vernal Technologies formally invests in the project. This detailed research report examines their motivations and suggests they are trying to replicate the Qualcomm playbook of IP domination in an emerging technology field, dubbing the strategy Quantcomm.

3/3/2009 - The Collision Mix Tape is released.

7/30/2015 - Fast forwarding to 2015, we find Ivanpah firing on all cylinders amidst a web of secrecy and intrigue while fending off threats from Silicon Valley Effective Technologists trying to make the project's IP public.

11/11/2016 - The Menlo Manifesto acts as a rallying cry for Silicon Valley elites in a burgeoning battle for control of the future.

1/1/2018 - Ivanpah finally breaks its silence announcing a host of discoveries and breakthroughs including room-temperature superconductivity.

5/30/2018 - The Effective Technologists find themselves on their back heels and threatened by the alliance between Ivanpah and DARPA as a rival center of technical innovation.

6/10/2033 - The QUANTVEGAS music compilation is released celebrating an emerging sense of regional pride and identity along the Inland Empire, Ivanpah, Las Vegas corridor.

2040 - Five years after the invasion of Taiwan and resettlement of its scientific diaspora known as Quantwan, we enter a period of Pax Virtualis.

2044 - Four Moons of America, the world's leading MMO and virtual economy, releases their quantum simulation engine. A sudden recursive seeding of infinite virtual economies triggers a debate around how to value GDP.

2049 - Expanding use of quantum technology leads to an undermining of the nature of reality. The manifesto, Chaos As Praxis, argues for radical accelerationist dismantling of all power structures now that reality is just another illusion.

2056 - The Starholder Institute develops Quantum Optic Convergence leading to the creation of new colors undetectable to the unaided human eye, including Neospectrum Violet.

2059 - The Doctrine of Interstitial Reality, a field devoted to exploring negative space, leads to the creation of Null Quantum Computing.

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