📼 Weekly Rewind ✦ Jan. 27, 2023

This one’s for the culture

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🩲 News In Brief

Each week I write, record, and produce a brief news segment highlighting notable stories in web3 and crypto for OKX’s social media channels. Here’s this week’s ↓

NB: Full hyperlinks below direct to news source(s); “✦” hyperlinks are for added context only

  • Amazon is reportedly launching blockchain/NFT initiatives as early as this April

  • Doodles announced an agreement to acquire the animation studio behind Rick & Morty

  • Ethereum’s “Shanghai” upgrade, which will allow withdrawals of staked ETH, is on track for March

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💾 NFT of the Week

🏆 KEK PEPE BALLOON by Sasha Chudo

View on OpenSea

Derivatives are the hot meta the last few weeks thanks to Jack Butcher’s outrageously popular Checks project, and I can’t help but love artist Sasha Chudo’s playful Pepe-fication of Chris Torres’s Nyan Balloon. The accompanying burn map is just as fun—I’ve got my eye on clown Pepe, personally—and I was delighted to see that unlike the first few drops, the Doge version has a sunset background trait. Nice.

Of course I had to board the derivative hype train myself:

Naturally, you can burn two “Traditional” to redeem a “Cheddar.”

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