Creative Ideas for Your Alfafrens Channel

Artist Edition

So you signed up for an Alfafrens account and now you have subscribers, now what?

Alfafrens is sufficiently complex, but to me it really is a glorified and gamified web3 Patreon with some new innovative tech elements, namely Superfluid.

Ever since joining Alfafrens, I’ve been asking myself: how will I bring value (or anything) to my subscribers? I’ve brainstormed some creative ideas and wanted to share them with you all.

Here's my list of creative ideas for your Alfafrens channel in no particular order:

Share personal photos, thoughts and ideas that you would normally not share on social media.

Give feedback and advice.

Airdrop your subscribers exclusive nft drops.

Send stickers or postcards to their snail mail address.

Share your behind-the-scenes process art videos.

Share your process in step by step "how to" articles or fun informative videos.

Create a monthly Mystery Surprise Box and either send it via snail mail or send to their crypto wallet.

Print out all your subscribers’ names and stick these on your car.

Make a video and shoutout the names of all your subscribers.

Ask your subscribers to give you a message or favorite quote. Write these on a big poster board and head to the streets, shouting the message of your subscribers to unsuspecting people on the street.

Tattoo the names of your subscribers into your skin.

Ask your subscribers to post their favorite pfp picture of themselves. Add these all together to make a collage. Mint it as an NFT and airdrop to them.

Invite your subscribers to create their own pieces of art inspired by your art. Your subscribers will love that they get to share their own works of art with one of their favorite artists. You can share your favorites in a post you make dedicated to your subscribers.

Create a short survey with your top Alfafrens perks ideas and have your subscribers complete it.

Offer your subscribers a 30 minute call and schedule it via online scheduler like

Who Am I?

My name is Stellabelle and I’ve been in crypto since 2016. I founded the cryptoart-school channel in Farcaster. I host a weekly Farhouse Spaces for the cryptoart-school every Sunday at 10 AM CST / 5 PM Paris time.

Join us next Sunday June 2, 2024 for How to Make a Token on Base w/ @jensalittleloopy where she will walk us through the steps of making her own token, sad trombone $wompwomp.

Thanks for reading and I'll see you on Farcaster,

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