How to Pledge Story Guild

Are ready to join our community of Communicators, Marketers, and Writers to service projects within the Web3 ecosystem?

Any potential member will be accepted if they meet the minimum requirements:

1. 250 DAI membership pledge

2. At least one of the following:

  • PR/Comms/ Marketing/ Social Media experience

  • DAO/crypto experience

  • Journalism/writing experience

  • Enthusiasm and a willingness to learn in either of the above areas

  • Submitted samples of your work/resume/cv

How to Pledge Story Guild

  1. Install MetaMask + add the Gnosis Chain network as a custom RPC

  2. When the Gnosis Chain is added to your MetaMask, ensure that it is funded with at least 250 WXDAI (plus gas). You can bridge funds from Mainnet to Gnosis Chain here

  3. If you need to swap DAI to WXDAI you can do that here

  4. Once you are connected to the Gnosis chain and your wallet contains DAI, head over to the Story Guild membership page on DAOhaus

  5. Navigate to “proposals” on the lefthand side

6. Click “New Proposal +”

7. Click the dropdown for "classics" and then select “membership” for proposal type

8. Fill out the form as follows:

For title list “Your Name, Membership Proposal”

  • Shares Request: 1 (note, this 1 share gives you voting power within the DAO)

  • Description: This is your chance to tell us why you want to join the DAO, and what you bring to the table! Your background in PR/Comms, your knowledge of journalism, crypto, etc. Please include a brief resume, CVV, or samples of your work.

  • Tribute Offered: 250 WXDAI (remember, if you choose to leave the DAO you have the option to “rage quit” and receive back this DAI. This pledge amount shows your commitment and willingness to help build the DAO)

  • Link: Link to your website, LinkedIn, Social Profiles — anything that would help us get to know you and your work.

9. After submitting your application, DM Mia on telegram or Discord with a link to your proposal. @mia_koda (telegram) miakoda#0710 (discord)

10. After your proposal is processed and voted on, you will be welcomed as an official member of the DAO!

11. We also recommend you set up a profile on 3BoxLabs in order to have your name associated with your ETH address — this personalizes your Ethereum account and makes it easier to distinguish members!

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