Who are Crypto Twitter’s Favorite DAOs?

We asked CT who their favorite DAOs are and the results are in!

Last week we asked CT who their favorite DAOs are. 

DeepDAO has over 10k DAOs on their registry which is kind of incredible when you think back on the first ever DAO, aka The DAO, which launched from Ethereum back in 2016.

The most popular comment came from Kris Millar who tagged Gitcoin and explained that he “loves the way the project has iterated over time and keeps pushing for more decentralization. Gitcoin showed the power of DAOs as a coordination tool. It offers so much value to the crypto ecosystem, keeping devs and builders fed so they can keep building cool stuff.”

Gitcoin, which is known for their Grants Protocol, is a fascinating case study of progressive decentralization. It originally launched as a centralized company in 2017, and during 2021 it morphed into a DAO, continuing to ship grants rounds every quarter, and built out a robust group of core contributors.

The next DAO that was tagged a few times in our comments section was Giveth.

Giveth founder, the legendary Griff Green who was part of The DAO (epic), explained how Giveth is “pushing for an evolutionary leap in human coordination that will eventually replace governments”.

Giveth allows anyone to use crypto to donate to their charity of choice through the Giveth website, focusing on “for-good” projects like climate change, regenerative living, and others. The coolest things about Giveth is that when you donate, in turn you get rewarded with $GIVE tokens to make an even larger impact.

We heard from the folks at MetaGame in our comments who are building a “massive online coordination game about finding the most optimal ways to play life on a personal and collective level”.

MetaGame are OGs in the DAO space, launched by Peth and birthed from the Meta Cartel ecosystem. Story Guild is also part of the MetaGame family, and they have given us a lot of love and support during our early stages of Service DAO experimentation!

The ImpactDAO account also tagged a recent book they released on impact DAOs that is a culmination of their intensive research on 12 mature impact DAOs including interviewing 30 DAO builders.

We kept our question vague on purpose - your “favorite” DAO is a personal opinion, and we all have very different journeys that lead us into the DAO space.

Two of our Story Guild members attended MCON2 this past September in Denver. It was a conglomeration of some of the most experienced and cutting-edge DAOs out there, and it was great to mingle with the DAO community in person.

Thanks to everyone who responded to our tweet - we can’t wait to see what the communities favorite DAOs are a year from now, after we have another 12 months to build and iterate! 

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