Day 1: The Great Migration

Starting in 30 minutes...

Hello frens and fellow builders…

We are so excited to welcome you to The Great Migration, a 3-day event taking you through the journey of tokens making their way from Ethereum Layer 1 to the Superchains. Join the Supermigrate team as we curiously explore what is going on with all these L2s, the meme coin metas, and what DeFi can do across Base, Mode, OP, and beyond.

Day 1: It Is All In The Layers

11:15 AM EST | Welcome Ceremony: Unpacking the Superchain with Supermigrate

11:45 AM EST | The Layers Unfolding with Token Soft, Mode, PGN, OP, & Celo

12:30 PM EST | Workshop: Migrating & Bridging, what's the difference?

1:00 PM EST | Base's Mission with Jesse Pollak

Starting in 30 minutes, watch the livestream here:

full lineup read our most recent blog:

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