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Hello Friends --

I write to you today with an aim to begin building in public as we curiously build out the Meliora storyverse.

This concept first began during my time at Kernel in 2021. Initially, hesitation held me back—uncertain about where to start and doubts about potential interest were my main concerns. However, as time has passed, the landscape has evolved and so have I.

The past two years have seen the release of various comic books, from Gitcoin, Pluriverse to independent creations within the NFT space. These works have been fascinating, yet I’d say there will forever be room to tell more stories. Especially those that paint out a vision for the world we wish to see or perhaps, we could even revolutionize the way we gamify onboarding and interaction within the comics themselves.

Inspired by the philosophies of CryptoWanderer one of the main creators of the Kernel curriculum. Our team, driven by curiosity and a passion for web3, has since expanded and refined these ideas based on our observations and experiences. In essence, I'm sharing this manifesto with you all to invite feedback, perspectives, and maybe even your own iterations. My hope is to foster a community that views itself as contributors to, rather than mere consumers of, our peer-to-peer ecosystems.

** For reference and some context, NoFun Labs is the team behind the upcoming project “The Birth of Meliora” a project recently funded by Public Nouns.

Started 2-22-2022

and evolving…

Ethereal Mission.

NoFun Labs is on a mission to onboard the next billion Seekers of Knowledge curious to new potential frontiers.

Knowledge is the key to empowering this new generation of creators, builders, and visionaries. It’s also the flame that inspires them to make heart-led decisions, and to create a technically sound, secure, and free future.

Our community welcomes creativity, passion, curiosity, and ambition. We support each other in storytelling, gameplay, and mutual collaboration. We offer help beyond the existing blockchain communities, and bridge the gaps for those left on the blockchain universe's fringes.

We strive to make this an inclusive space, leveraging the resources of technology and social networks to ensure that no person misses out on the economic, organizational, and educational evolution.

We build, educate, and archive through comic books, games, and the vibrant cultures being shaped in real-time.

NoFun Labs is where you can come to ask questions, share ideas, enjoy discourse among peers, and find a support system that can help guide you through the opportunities of web3. We welcome new ideas and encourage you to question everything. Our values are based on the belief of…

Meliorism | noun


the belief that the world can be made better by human effort. We invite progress through communication, and work with our peers in the most honest, accurate, and loving way possible.

To dig deeper and understand the fundamentals of blockchain, and our values, we recommend this reading:

The Ethereal NoFun Labs Community Principles

Principle I: Trust and integrity are fundamental. Interactions within the community are transparent, honest, and fair. Members avoid actions that may undermine or take advantage of others.

No rug pulling.

Principle II: Mutual uplift is our ethos. We believe in enriching ourselves by enriching others and creating a nurturing environment.

Love thy peers.

Principle III: The Lab's sanctity is paramount: it serves as a sanctuary for open dialogue, intellectual curiosity, and community growth devoid of harm or offense.

Mission- guided intent.

Principle IV: Meliorism guides us. We believe in the capacity of human effort to make the world a better place.

Humans have the capacity for good.

Principle V: We operate democratically, we strive striving for consensus in community decisions and maintaining active engagement.

By the People, for the People.

Principle VI: Autonomy of Identity and Liberty of Information are respected:; we value every individual’s right to privacy and autonomy of data.

The right to privacy.

Principle VII: Continuous learning is our commitment:; we pledge to have open hearts and minds that are ever-ready to teach, learn, and evolve.

Our members are lifelong learners.

Principle VIII: We acknowledge opposing ideas: Oour fundamental belief lies in progressive decentralization, but we also recognize the importance of embracing the harmonious duality of complementary opposites.

We encourage quantum thought.

Principle IX: Empowering the marginalized is our objective:; we are committed to making learning accessible to all by addressing language, economic, and learning style barriers.

We work towards equanimous opportunity.

Principle X: Personal responsibility for knowledge is our standard:; we verify information and form our own opinions through due diligence and self-empowerment. We avoid making assumptions and acknowledge our own ability to make mistakes.

Question everything.

Principle XI: Blockchain agnosticism is our stance:; we strive for shared progress and growth while avoiding tribalistic behavior. We build bridges between technologies without discrimination.

No technology is an island.

Our vision is to build a system that places trust not in a single authority, but in a network of dedicated ameliorators.

Great communities are co-created together. This system must be governed jointly by its contributors and users, ensuring an open dialogue and fostering myriad perspectives. This is the key to discerning truth amidst a cacophony of information.

We propose a new system of learning that does not rely solely on live educators. We focus on gamified, socialized education.

The journey begins with small cohorts of early testers and evolves into a self-sufficient community of blockchain-savvy contributors. These individuals become "Guardians of the blockchain", exemplary web3 citizens, prepared to shape the future

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