How to Migrate your Tokens Using Supermigrate

Welcome to the world of Supermigrate, where token migration is simplified. Whether you are looking to transfer your project's tokens to a Layer 2 network or provide liquidity in a new ecosystem, Supermigrate is your go-to platform. In this blog post, we'll guide you through each step of using, ensuring you can confidently move your tokens from Layer 1 to Layer 2.

Step 1: Prepare Your Accounts

Connect Your Wallet and GitHub Account

  • Wallet Connection: Begin by connecting your digital wallet. Supermigrate supports a variety of wallets, ensuring you can easily link yours with just a few clicks.

  • GitHub Integration: Connect your GitHub account. This integration is crucial as it allows Supermigrate to automate the creation of pull requests necessary for updating token lists and finalizing migration processes on L2 repositories.

Step 2: Initiate the Migration Process

Selecting the Token for Migration

  • Navigate to the ‘Migrate Token’ option within the Supermigrate app.

  • Enter the address of the token you wish to migrate. Supermigrate will automatically fetch the current token details from L1, such as token name, symbol, and decimals.

Customization (Optional)

  • If your token needs different specifications on L2 (like a different name or symbol), use the "Override" option. This flexibility is especially useful for projects looking to rebrand as they expand to new networks.

Step 3: Enter Social and Token Details

Filling Out Social Information

  • Provide links to your token’s social media profiles and official website to maintain community engagement and support post-migration.

  • Upload your token’s logo in SVG format. This helps in retaining your token’s branding on the new network.

Step 4: Confirm Migration Details

Review and Deploy

  • Once you’ve input all the necessary information, review all details for accuracy. Supermigrate will provide a summary of the information you’ve provided.

  • Confirm the migration. Supermigrate will then deploy the token contract on the chosen L2 network and handle the necessary pull requests on GitHub to update the token lists.

Step 5: Monitor the Migration Process

Tracking Progress

  • Supermigrate provides a real-time progress indicator that shows the status of various steps like contract deployment, pull request creation, and finalization of the migration.

  • You will receive notifications as each step is completed, keeping you informed throughout the process.

Step 6: Post-Migration Actions

Bridging and Liquidity Provision

  • After a successful migration, explore additional features like bridging and liquidity provision.

  • If you wish to enable your token for bridging between L1 and L2, navigate to the 'Bridging Interface' where Supermigrate simplifies the process with pre-filled token information.

  • To support liquidity, go to the 'Liquidity Interface.' Here, you can add liquidity or manage existing pools, enhancing the market presence and utility of your token on the new network.

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