May Community Roundup

gm everyone! The “Great Migration” virtual event series is on the horizon, with 48 token projects worth $10b migrated to Base and over $28m in bridging volume across several Layer 2s and tokens to date there are many updates we will dive into today!

May highlights

  • We started the month of May launching Supermigrate supporting 3 networks, Base, Mode and Optimism.

  • Supermigrate now lets you migrate and bridge your assets from Ethereum L1 to the networks we support

  • The Great Migration virtual event is happening this June.

  • We partnered with ChatXBT to bring migration to your chatbox.

General Announcements

  • Base Ecosystem Funding: We are thrilled to announce that Base Ecosystem Fund has invested in Metastable Labs, the company building Supermigrate.

  • Growth Metrics: We’ve migrated over 48 token projects and have facilitated over $28m in bridging volume on Base alone. Dune data dashboard coming soon.

  • Rewards: We are launching the Season 1 rewards program that will be focused on rewarding users who use the Supermigrate bridging interface and social activity.

  • The Great Migration: See you at The Great Migration Virtual Event happening on June 11th - June 13th, 2024.  Register here.

Ecosystem Highlights

  • Onchain Summer is here: Sign up here to start building solutions that will onboard more people onchain.

Start your migration today!

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