Planting Seeds: Upe's Reforestation Efforts in Guanacaste

In our continuous efforts to make a positive mark on our local environment, recently teamed up with the incredible Wonder Away, and Costa Rica Regenerativa organizations for a heartwarming tree planting event. As someone once said, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now.” We couldn’t agree more and have jumped on the opportunity to get our hands dirty.

The event, co-hosted with the support of Costa Rica Regenerative, saw enthusiastic participants planting trees in the Monkey Park located in the scenic Guanacaste. This wasn't just any ordinary park. The Monkey Park doubles as a wildlife reserve where injured or displaced animals are rehabilitated and eventually released back into their natural habitat.

The goal of our recent venture? Reforesting a portion of the park to create a thriving ecosystem for new life.

We were overjoyed to see the turnout, with over 30 dedicated individuals coming out in full support for the cause. Roberto Cespedes, one of the organizers from Costa Rica Regenerativa was thrilled, “The last reforestation day — one of many more to come — marked a milestone in this substantial regenerative project managed by an all-women wildlife rescue center. We planted over a hundred fruit and wood trees during the day and I’m excited to see the saplings grow into a natural refuge for wildlife. Can’t wait for the next one!”

Several attendees came from’s network - a testament to the trust and sense of community we've been able to foster. And the BEST part! 20 of these eco-warriors are soon to be onboarded to so they can know when the next local volunteer events are happening. We're not just growing trees, but also our family!

In total, we planted an impressive 134 trees, ensuring a diverse mix to add to the richness of nature. Here's a quick breakdown:

  • Almendro Monte: 19 trees

  • Robles: 18 trees

  • Nancites: 15 trees

  • Castañas: 13 trees

  • Cenizaros: 26 trees

  • Mamon: 13 trees

  • Cas: 11 trees

  • Papaturros: 9 trees

  • Cortez: 8 trees

  • Espavel: 5 trees

  • Madero negro: 5 trees

  • Guanabanas: 4 trees

  • Mango: A single, promising mango tree!

Planting these trees wasn't merely an act of environmental goodwill. Each tree symbolizes hope, growth, and a promise for a solarpunk future. #RegensUnite

We are so grateful to Wonder Away for orchestrating this event, Costa Rica Regenerativa for co-hosting, and the Monkey Park for providing the location and a tour of their rehabilitation facility. It is collaborations like these that pave the way for the future. Our aim is to champion many more to take place in the months, and years to come.

Whether you’re a part of or just someone who has stumbled on reading this post, let’s all remember the importance of doing our bit for the planet. Together, each small action counts to feed the collective and make all the difference. If not you, then who?

Our journey continues, stay tuned as we continue our commitment to supporting Ticos in Costa Rica and beyond. #PublicGoodsAreGood

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