Supermigate x ChatXBT

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with ChatXBT, an AI-powered unification and execution protocol, which allows users to interact with blockchain not with clicks but through chat.

This collaboration aims to simplify the UX for projects and users by introducing a new way for people to text and execute commands of their tokens onchain. With the AI companion from ChatXBT, users will be able to bridge and migrate assets from Ethereum to any Layer 2 with chat and voice command.

About ChatXBT

ChatXBT is a pioneering AI assistant designed to be the ultimate crypto companion. It leverages machine learning algorithms to analyze market trends, offering real-time updates, portfolio management tools, and valuable financial insights.

By constantly monitoring price fluctuations across various digital currencies, ChatXBT empowers users with the knowledge and agility to execute trades with precision in the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency.

A Simplified Crypto Experience

This partnership eliminates the need for complex interfaces. With Supermigrate on ChatXBT, bridging will be all that much more seamless, as simple as messaging a friend. Additionally, ChatXBT’s open-protocol design ensures seamless integration with other DeFi protocols, blockchains and wallets, creating a holistic crypto experience for users.

Together, Supermigrate and ChatXBT are working to make DeFi more accessible, enjoyable, and user-friendly for everyone.

Join us for The Great Migration Summit, a three-day event from June 11 to June 13, where industry leaders and innovators will explore the future of blockchain technology, token migration, and DeFi. This summit promises a dynamic agenda filled with insightful keynotes, engaging panels, and practical workshops. Join us and learn more about ChatXBT.

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