The Great Migration: Virtual Event Series

If you’re chronically online, hyped about Onchcain Summer, and enthusiastic about the sustainable worlds we can create, you won’t want to miss The Great Migration. Dive into Supermigrate's three-day virtual summit from Tuesday, June 11 to Thursday, June 13, where we will bring together your favorite protocol founders and builders to explore the new era of token technology and ecosystem development.

Join the Supermigrate team as we host 3-days of programming, and alpha leaks across the Superchains. We will have panels on token launches, keynotes from founder of Base and Mode, and discussions on the need for liquidity super highways across DeFi. If you've just migrated your token, or thinking about making your way to Mode, Base, or any Superchain this is your time to ask questions amongst our speakers. Don't miss your chance to RSVP here.

For a closer look at the schedule for the days to come get to know our speakers below!

Day 1: Tuesday • 6/11

11:15 AM EST | Welcome Ceremony: Unpacking the Superchain with Supermigrate

Kick off event with Estefania (@NFTMami) as she hosts our welcome ceremony featuring Supermigrate's founder Njoku Emmanuel (@Njokuscript). Also giving us an exclusive to the Superchain we will be joined by Binji (@binji_x). This session sets the stage for three days of learning and networking.

11:45 AM EST | The Layers Unfolding

Dive into the multi-layered world of blockchain with insights from top projects like Token Soft, Mode, PGN, OP, and Celo. Moderated by Micah from Token Soft, this panel will explore lessons, and what is to come from our L2s such as Base, OP, and Mode.

12:30 PM EST | Workshop: Migrating & Bridging, What’s the Difference?

Join Peter at 12:30PM EST for a hands-on workshop that demystifies the differences between migrating and bridging tokens. This practical session will equip you with the knowledge to navigate these crucial processes.

1:00 PM EST | Base's Mission with Jesse Pollak

Wrap up the day with an in-depth session led by Jesse Pollak on Base’s mission and its vision for the future. This is your chance to get insider insights from one of the key players in the industry. If you want to ask a questions comment it on our tweet here.

Day 2: Wednesday • 6/12

11:00 AM EST | New Economies on Mode with James

Start the day with James, founder of Mode, as he delves into creating new onchain economies on Mode, a fireside chat with Deez. This session will cover an inside look to mode’s vision.

11:30 AM EST | Token Launchpads Panel

Our exciting panel on token launches features ChrisDean, Soft Protocol, Njoku Emmanuel, and Tokenomy, moderated by Micah. Gain insights into the latest trends and best practices in tokenomics and launch strategies.

12:15 PM EST | Workshop: DeFi-nitely Simple with ChatXBT

Simplify DeFi with ChatXBT in this practical workshop designed to make DeFi accessible to anyone.

12:30 PM EST | Aerodrome: New Features and Onboarding

A workshop to learn about the latest features of Aerodrome, from incentive structures to liquidity provisions. This session will guide you through the complete process, from start to finish.

Day 3: Thursday • 6/13

11:00 AM EST | Liquidity Across Chains

Join Tao from Aerodrome/Valodrome and guests from Mode, and OP for a deep dive into liquidity across chains. This session will cover the flow of energy and liquidity in the blockchain ecosystem.

  • Tao at Aerodrome

  • Tyron3 at Print3r

11:30 AM EST | Memetic Effects

Explore the power of memetics in blockchain with insights from Doginme, Warpie, and TYBG. Understand how token communities create value and identity.

  • Moderated by Tao from Aerodrome

  • Featuring Founders of $Doginme, $Warpie, and $TYBG

12:15 PM EST | Tipping & Value Creation

Conclude the summit with a compelling discussion on tipping and value creation featuring thought leaders like Regen, newly coming to the market with much to say.

This is not just another virtual event. It’s an opportunity to connect with the brightest minds in the blockchain space, learn from the best, and be part of the next wave of innovation. Don’t miss out – RSVP now and secure your spot at The Great Migration.

See you there!

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