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The (IN)Complete Idiot's Guide To Warpcast

The Simplest & Easiest Guide To Your 1st $Degen

Introduction to Warpcast

Warpcast is your ticket to the wild world of $Degens, where the digital realm is your playground! Think of it as the cool cousin of Friendtech or Axie Infinity, but with a twist. It’s a no-brainer interface where you can snag, flip, and trade these shiny digital treasures. With the current Season 3 Airdrop running, don't beat yourself later if you miss out the once in a lifetime opportunity to change your life!

Imagine Warpcast as your personal treasure map to riches and giggles. It’s like having a virtual marketplace at your fingertips, buzzing with $Degens just waiting to be discovered. Make smart moves, and you might just laugh all the way to the bank!

But wait, there’s more! Warpcast isn’t just about the moolah; it’s a place to mingle with fellow $Degen aficionados. Share your arts or contents, give and receive tips, and gab about the next big thing or that hidden gem $Degens, Onchain Gaias etc.. It’s all about making connections and having a blast while you’re at it.

And hey, it also got your back with nifty tools to keep you in the loop. Price change alerts? Check. New listings/NFT minting? Double-check. And filters so fine, they’ll help you sift through the noise like a pro. Just remember, a little homework goes a long way in this game.

Now, let’s talk about the big cheese, Vitalik Buterin(yes, the one and only Vitalik is an OG of Warpcast too with his FID at 5650😉), and his article “Degen Communism: The Only Correct Political Ideology.” He’s all about sharing the digital wealth, and guess what? Warpcast is THE answer! It’s the place where everyone gets a fair shot at the digital gold rush, trading $Degens like a boss.

So, what are you waiting for? If you still have not downloaded Warpcast yet, hop on the Warpcast bandwagon now and be part of something BIG. It’s not just an investment; it’s a revolution with a side of fun. And who knows? You might just be joining the ranks of the Bitcoin legends, one $Degen at a time.

Your adventure into the future of DeFi is just a click away. Sign up, get your wallet ready, and dive into the $Degen universe with the coolest cryptonauts around. If you are already on Warpcast but still don't know what are you getting into, keep on reading and I promise you that this Guide will serve as one of the best Maps for you to get the treasures by avoiding all the traps and get to your destination faster than if you were to embark on the journey on your own like I did! Let’s warp into a new age of economic equality and digital freedom, where everyone’s invited to the party.

Just a friendly reminder: while the treasure chest is brimming, make sure to map out your journey with care. In this article, I am stoked to have you join our merry band of OGs as you can see "We are so early" is everywhere right now on Warpcast. Welcome aboard the good 🚀ship of Degen Communism, where casting (forget that Tweeting thingy, that's so last century) is fun, and the destination is to the Moon🌕 and $higher! 🌟

So, just onboarding yourself and friends to Warpcast, where the digital party never stops, and your next big WIN is just around the corner. Let’s make some waves together! 💪🎩

What to Do and How to Do?

What to do? First things first, head over to the Warpcast website ( or can use my referral link (both of us will get 50 Warps (Warp is the native cryptocurrency of Warpcast, functioning as the primary means of transaction in the marketplace which you will use it to cast in some exclusive channels like Base or to purchase some services like creating your own channel) upon sign up as a welcome bonus for being an early adopter) and click on the 'Sign Up' button. For more details on the signing up process, can read more on What Is Farcaster and How to Get Started With Warpcast at CoinGecko but make sure you are downloading the right one by Merkle Manufactory as shown in the images below.

iOS version of Warpcast

Download the app from

Good news if you have a phone number in the following countries which can save you USD $5 sign up fee! This USD $5 is yearly subscription cost to discourage bots and cover onchain fees.

Casted by the father of Warpcast, Dan Romero

If you face any challenges during the sign-up process, feel free to reach out to me by leaving comments below or tag me in /Knowledgebase, /Degen, /Noob, /paidgroup, /Allowance, /Tips, /lp, /Appreciation, /replyguys, /chatbfg, /degentlemen, /houseofdegen, /wearesoearly, /perl, /suit, /welcome. These are some of the best channels to be in if you are a newbie and later I will share the trick to find the most happening channels that you can join and make some new friends along the way to help each other to get the treasures together, don't have the scarcity mentality, it's a different Universe here where everyone can win if we just help each other, remember that we are all comrades in this Degen Communism movement! 🫂🧑‍🤝‍🧑

How To Do?

Now you are onboard and joined those channels that I recommended, what's next then?When I started my journey, I had to explore the vast Warpcast Universe(WCU) all by myself but luckily you have this Guide now, so the next step is to follow the whales and swim with them as fast as you can as they have the most allocation to tip for all of us to get the $Degen points which will convert to $Degen coins that will be airdropped by end of Season 3 (end of April tentatively).

But wait! There is a very simple step you must do first before start to engage with the communities and follow the whales as not many are realizing this simple yet powerful step can help you to navigate the WCU(Warpcast Universe) easier than those who don't... 😎

Use a PC/Laptop to login to Warpcast instead of your mobile(phone) as you will not lose out a lots of features (such as Bookmarking the casts you want to refer back later, signing the transaction on your Metamask or other wallets for minting NFT etc.) and won't get that dizzy feeling with scrolling all the casts on that tiny screen(that dizziness😵 made me wanted to quit the app initially) until I found out what I was doing wrong which I wish someone would have told me about it instead of me figuring it out after so many sleepless hours wandering around in the ever expanding WCU on my phone...😢

I have created a video on Drakula (will share more about this Tiktok like app of Warpcast later) if you like to know about it by letting me know as this is another avenue where you can earn some $Degen and make the most out of your time in WCU.

After you have done that, the first thing you must understand is the concept of how to get the $Degen points which entitles you to earn that amount of $Degen coin at the end of Season 3 Airdrop if you are not financially able to buy the 10k $Degen (cost a few hundred USD now instead of just tens of dollars back then).

There are many useful resources that I don't want to keep on repeating here so I am including some of the best guides that I have come across in the WCU, so do go to connect with them and read about their casts and if you are lucky, follow them so that you can get some tips from them and pay it forward when you are able to do so. 😉🎩

Beginners guide to becoming a $Degen | by Atown | Mar, 2024 | Medium

/When we stand on the shoulders of giants, we can see further but I might have miss out some of the best guides written by other giants in the WCU so do feel free to leave me some comments on the best guides you might have come across before so that I can update the list of resources for the newbies to digest before they start their $Degen journey.

To Know Thyself Be True

In this exciting digital frontier, there's no room for hesitation or self-doubt. Regardless of your background - tech whiz or not, creative souls or just an average human being - there's a place for everyone in the Warpcast Universe. If you're the creative type, channel your energy into creating unique and compelling art, music, videos or contents that will catch the eye of potential followers. On the other hand, if you're more technically inclined, you can delve deep into Frames which is what set Warpcast apart from the other social media app out there, a game changer indeed (just for the curious minds newbies, it's like a mini application in Warpcast that allows you to interact with the reader of your cast like claiming airdrops, check your stats etc.). The beauty of Warpcast Universe is its embrace of diversity; every member brings something different to the table. It’s a blend of minds and talents that makes the community vibrant and inclusive. So, know yourself, identify your strengths, and leverage them to make your mark in the Warpcast universe.

Claim airdrop frame
Check stats frame

Useful Frames or Resources

1) farcaster ( - The holy grail for data scientist in WCU.

2) - Make good use of data and you will be rewarded.

3) - To check the native tokens such as $Degen, $TN100x, $Higher, $Enjoy etc.)

4) - Use the frame to track your account health

5) - Use the frame to check anyone's stats

6)Disqualified Farcaster Users ( - Use this to check whether you are disqualified or not and seek help if you do!

There are many more interesting and useful frames as developers are building on the WCU everyday, so just follow the latest updates in the /frames channel.

Interesting tips: When you key in GM in your cast, the 🤍(like button) will change to GM for people to respond to your cast, play around and explore the WCU when you key in GN, $degen, rainbow etc.

How to get tipped $DEGEN for Newbies who can't afford to buy the 10k $DEGEN to get Airdrop?

Last week Ciniz (He's The No.1 OG in the WCU whom you can't afford not to follow) casted that he will be tipping his allowance away if you just do perform simple tasks.

I was struggling with minting my NFT on Zora at first due to lack of technical know how until I managed to find out the root cause (USE the PC/laptop instead of mobile😅) and I hope this sharing of mine will make you newbies to be successful in claiming some $DEGEN when Airdrop Season 3 is over by the end of April as I already disqualified due to my inadvert mistake of spamming (until now I still don't know which cast(s) of mine caused me to lose everything😢).

First and foremost, make sure you have some ETH ($10 should be sufficient) in your BASE network of your crypto wallet (Metamask is fine). If you don't know how to do that, can search by typing in the keyword "How to send ETH to Base network in Metamask?" (If you are using a CEX account, can buy some ETH there and choose Base Mainnet network to send to your Metamask/other wallet instead of the ERC-20 network to save on the high gas fees).

Minting an NFT on Zora involves the following steps:

  1. Make sure you have a wallet (like MetaMask) with Ethereum (ETH) in it for gas fees.

  2. Navigate to Zora's website and click on "Connect Wallet" in the top right corner. Select your wallet (MetaMask, for example), and follow the prompts to connect.

  3. Once connected, click on "Create(the button)" on the top navigation bar.

  4. You will see a form where you can upload your file (image, video, audio, or 3D model), and provide details about your work, including its name, description, and any additional attributes. Price set to 0 ETH and in order to fulfill the point no. 5 of 50/50 split on Zora, click on the View advanced options and refer to the following photo for better understanding of how to perform the step and remember to set the Mint limit per address to Custom (and type in 1). (USE a PC/laptop as there is no way to click the enter button to add the address on the phone!🥲)

  5. After filling out all the necessary information, review your listed details carefully. If everything is correct, click "Mint".

  6. A MetaMask notification will pop up asking you to confirm the transaction. Click "Confirm". The gas fee will be deducted from your wallet, and the NFT will start the minting process.

  7. Wait for the confirmation message that your NFT has been successfully minted. This might take a few minutes depending on the network congestion.

  8. Congratulations! Your NFT is now live on Zora and can be viewed, bid on, or bought by others, so cast to your Warpcast and @ tag Ciniz to let him know you've done the steps successfully. Remember to stay respectful to other artists' work and only mint content that you own or have the rights to. Happy minting!

There are SCAMS everywhere so protect your wallet and what to do after got scammed!

With 293k+ users already onboard and growing faster than before, even Warpcast also can't prevent getting the wrong people onboard. I personally got scammed on WCU and found out too late of what to do, therefore I am sharing my experience so that you can avoid being scammed like I did.


The account will ask you to like or do something simple to be entitled for their coin and when you click on the frame, it will bring you to Zora to mint the NFT for only little money with the promise of airdropping the coins but when I checked on the date for the airdrop, the coins never arrived in my wallet and the NFT suddenly disappeared from my wallet after a few days. So please be careful and if you come across any suspicious accounts like this scammer, report them in the /police channel so that more people like Wake or other Top Casters know. Use the tools/frames I mentioned in the useful resources section to do your own due diligence.

Final Words

Navigating the Warpcast Universe can seem daunting, but fear not, you're not alone in this. As a new user, it's crucial to understand some Dos and Don'ts that will guide your journey in this revolutionary platform. Always remember to secure your wallet ID and engage actively within the community. Conduct thorough research before clicking anything that might cause you to part with your hard earned money and ensure you diversify your investments to mitigate risks of rugpulls etc.(which I will share in another article). Never share your wallet ID with anyone and steer clear from scams promising outlandish returns.

To enhance your experience, utilize Warpcast's features like setting notifications(the 🔔 icon on the top right) so that you don't be the last to know about the latest free NFT minting, free airdrops etc. by those who got allowance to tip,those all mighty frames and actively participating in discussions without touching on sensitive topics such as hate speech etc. to avoid being disqualified.

Remember, every adventure begins with a single step, and in the Warpcast Universe, we are still early. So strap in, and prepare yourself for a fun-filled journey of discovery, learning and perhaps, even fortune!

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