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Help Me Pick My Next Book to Write

Web3 Publishing or Crypto and The End Times?

Last night, @unklebonehead and I dropped the latest episode of the Defluenced podcast titled "The Curator". We discuss what it's like being an @ecency curator. I got to find out by being a guest curator in August. Be sure to check it out and leave us a comment.

Beyond @ecency, @hiveio, and podcasting, I've been thinking about what my next book will be about. I have two ideas that are of equal merit and would like to get your feedback.

Book Idea No. 1: Web3 Publishing

The first book idea is a straightforward follow-up to Web3 Social. Building on the foundation laid in my two previous books (the first was Cryptosocial), Web3 Publishing will explore the emerging opportunities for creators in the world of publishing. While some of the material may crossover into territory already covered in the first two books, there is much more to explore in the space of Web3 Publishing. Here are a few topical ideas that come to mind:

  • Web3 platforms specifically designed for publishing - These includes platforms that have launched since the release of Web3 Social, such as Paragraph. It also includes platforms that have been around a while but that have transitioned or improved in some way since the publication of Web3 Social. Mirror comes to mind in that regard. And, of course, I'd be remiss if I left out Hive.

  • Web3 book publishing - A bevy of book publishing platforms have sprung up specifically targeting authors and their fans. These include Readl,, Creatokia, PageDAO, and more.

  • Collaborative publishing - Web3 is also facilitating a movement toward collaborative publishing models, which include organizations like Adimverse, StoryDAO, and similar efforts.

  • Literary NFTs - Book NFTs are a big thing now and promise to take publishing to places it's never been before. Pioneers such as Write3 guru Greg Younger, Cryptoversal Books, and traditionally published authors such as Joseph Nassise and Tom Leveen are exploring exciting new opportunities with literary NFTs.

  • Film3 and Music NFTs - Beyond book publishing, musicians and film artists also have emerging opportunities in Web3.

  • How L2 solutions are changing the publishing landscape - Layer-2 blockchains like Polygon and Optimism are creating new opportunities in Web3 publishing. What these blockchains means for authors, publishers, and their fans.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There is much more to explore in the world of Web3 publishing.

Book Idea No. 2: Cryptocurrencies and the End Times

This idea is a little more niche. Whenever I discuss my Web3 books with fellow Christians, I often get a little pushback based on a fear that cryptocurrencies are akin to the Mark of the Beast mentioned in the book of Revelation. The issue is, many of these Christians don't really understand the technology.

This book idea would explore the nature of decentralization and the differences between cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and central bank digital currencies that could be used for tracking individuals and criminalizing ordinary citizens for spending their money in ways the government should not be in a position to either affirm or condemn. The book would also include explore the major theological perspectives regarding the end of days. The popular perspective, based on a Dispensational reading of scripture, may not be the accurate one. Nevertheless, every Christian, regardless of their eschatological views, could benefit from knowing the difference between a decentralized protocol and a centralized tracking technology.

Instead of fearing cryptocurrencies due to potential abuse of the technology, Christians would be better equipped to handle a move toward a cashless society if they understood how to harvest decentralized technology to survive in a world that may not be friendly toward their sentiments.

While the target market for this book would be Christians, I believe anyone could benefit from reading this book because

  1. They'd have a better understand of why their Christian friends are often disheartened by new technology that could empower governments to be more coercive;

  2. And they could learn how decentralized technology can be harvested to enhance their own freedoms.

Which Idea Tickles Your Fancy?

I'm not going to mess around with surveys. I'm just going to ask you forthrightly. Which of these ideas would you rather see me pursue? To answer this question, please do the following:

  • Leave a comment wherever you are reading this and let me know which idea appeals to you. Also, tell me why.

  • In your comment, tell me something you'd like to know about the topic that I haven't already addressed above.

  • Share this post with your friends and ask them to weigh in.

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