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Brunswick, Georgia: What We Saw Way Back When

Allen's and Theresa' most popular YouTube video to date

Theresa and I visited Brunswick, Georgia during the pandemic, or shortly thereafter. This video tour has almost 2,000 views and is our most popular YouTube video to date. You'll get a beautiful look at the old city hall in Brunswick, a historically relevant Picasso painting (lol), Jekyll Square, Macon Square, Fountain Square, Brunswick Squares, Liberty ships and the Liberty ships monument, Brunswick Park, Ritz Theater (we love historic theaters), the Brunswick Courthouse, and much more.

Brunswick is a city of squares. That's why several town squares are featured, but you'll also get an overview of the history of those squares and how the town was built.

I tried searching for the Picasso painting from which the one featured in the video is derived. I believe it's a Picasso, but I'm not sure. If you know what the painting is called, let me know in the comments below.

And now, without further ado, let's tour Brunswick, Georgia.

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