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Come to First Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas

Sorry, no public hangings

For centuries, since the very dawn of time, crowds have gathered in the small Texas town of Canton to buy and sell their handmade tools and other crafts on the first Monday of every month.

Hold on. STOP!

That's not accurate.

In actuality, First Monday Trade Days is a long-standing tradition, but they weren't around when the earth was without form and void. They began in the 1850s. And the breadth of items that can be purchased at one of the largest flea markets in the world is quite diverse. Interestingly, the reason the flea market flourished in those early days was because people would come into town to watch public hangings, and that gave them an opportunity to trade their wares, including livestock.

With a population of less than 5,000, Canton can attract up to 30,000 people on any given weekend during its peak season.

Initially, the flea market was held on the first Monday each month. Now, the flea market is open all weekend prior to the first Monday of each month. Because of that fine distinction, there are months when the flea market takes place on the last weekend of a month because the first Monday is actually the first day of the month. Clear?

Anyways, Theresa and I walked through the First Monday flea market and videotaped what we saw. We hope you enjoy this popular video of ours from the Lone Star State.

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