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Witness Our Banter in Conway, South Carolina

History, farming, and beachfront culture

Another one of Allen's and Theresa's most popular travel videos is Conway, South Carolina, Part 1. I find it interesting that Part 2 hasn't received anywhere near the number of views that Part 1 received. But Part 1 is among our Top 10 most watched videos.

Conway is a beach town in South Carolina, but it also has a lot of history. Founded in 1734, it's a beautiful little town that is also a part of the Myrtle Beach metropolitan area.

We checked in with the visitor's center and they gave us a window hanger that allowed us two hours of free parking. That was plenty of time to walk the town and learn about its history.

I think one reason this video is one of our most watched videos is Theresa and I get into a little bit of goofy banter. I play the part of the clown and she plays the part of the wife correcting the clown. We get a lot of laughs from that, and even some comments, with one person saying to Theresa, "Stop yelling at your husband! My goodness."

We had a lot of fun in Conway, and I think you will too.

While our second Conway, South Carolina video isn't as popular as the first, I think you'll still learn a lot of history. We got to tour a farm, which has also been turned into a museum. Enjoy!

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