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Deluge is Now at 99 Cents on the Kindle

And ready for your honest review

I said I was going to do it, and I did it. The full Biblical Legends Anthology Series (BLAS) is now on discount and awaiting honest reviews. Earlier this week, I dropped the price of Deluge: Stories of Survival and Tragedy in the Great Flood to 99 cents for the Kindle version and $10.99 for the print. I'm looking for honest reviewers.

The BLAS is a multi-author speculative fiction anthologies series depicting non-biblical characters in biblical settings. There are three books in the series.

  • Garden of Eden - Garden of Eden showcases fifteen authors telling the stories of aliens, garden gnomes, water rats, incorporeal beings, and more and how they fared in history's most famous garden.

  • Sulfurings: Tales from Sodom and Gomorrah - With its apocalyptic flavor, Sulfurings imagines how fictional characters would have reacted to fire and brimstone falling on their heads as they carried out their daily routines in these two famous ancient cities.

  • Deluge: Stories of Survival and Tragedy in the Great Flood - Deluge has authors reimagining the events of the biggest flood in history with characters that never were and never could be. Or could they?I'd be delighted if you'd purchase one of these three anthologies (or all three if you wish) in any format and leave your honest review.

I'd be delighted if you'd purchase one of these anthologies (or all three if you can cut it) in any format and leave me an honest review. The Kindle versions are all set at 99 cents and the print versions are all affordable, as well. You can purchase any format as long as you promise to leave an honest review after reading.

I can't promise these prices will stay where they are. In fact, in just a short while, they will go back to their original prices. If you like speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, horror, weird literature, and a mix of these), then you'll love the anthologies. I'd be delighted to entertain you with stories from a diverse set of authors who sent me their stories and gave me the honors of choosing the best ones for your reading pleasure.


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