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Web3 Adoption is Hanging By a Thread

Guess who thinks bitcoin should play with layer-2 solutions

Ethereum Co-founder Vitalik Buterin wants bitcoin to experiment with Layer-2 solutions. With, users can stake ETH and mint an NFT.

NFT floor prices have plummeted 62 percent in the last month. ApeCoin crashes to all-time low.

What happens when Twitter users get pissed off? They head to another platform, one of the many and growing "Twitter alternatives." These are rarely Web3 platforms. In this month's case, it's an Instagram off-shoot called Threads. Meanwhile, Twitter owner and CEO Elon Musk threatens to sue Meta for allegedly stealing trade secrets. Interestingly, he's also offered to measure Meta's main man Mark Zuckerberg's penis. If you're wondering when Zuckerberg plans to monetize Threads, it likely won't be until it reaches 1 billion users. I don't know which is worse, that the world's richest men think the best way to determine who's got the best tech is to settle once and for all who has the biggest dick, or that creators with more to lose by chasing attention on the world's largest social networks don't run to Web3 platforms where they can have more control over their creations and monetize them directly with their audiences. One bright light is that Twitter Co-founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey wishes he'd had just turned Twitter into a protocol instead of a company. The world would be a better place if Twitter wasn't a company but was a protocol as I argue in my book Web3 Social. Meanwhile, Web3 has another competitor in artificial intelligence.

Are meme coins like gambling? 73 percent of crypto bros think so. I mean, there's no guarantee or assurance that an "investment" will pay off. That sounds like gambling.

Aave DAO members to vote on whether Gho stablecoin should deploy on Ethereum.

Man arrested for allegedly hacking a decentralized crypto exchange and stealing $9 million.

NFT lender Gondi raises $5.3 million. A luxury watch was used as collateral for a DeFi loan while the borrower received an NFT to represent the watch. This is an interesting arrangement. The NFT is essentially a smart contract that, if burned, signals the borrower is ready to claim the watch, but if the borrower fails to repay the loan, the lender gets the NFT. Very creative.

How to create a DAO in 10 minutes.

Arkham Intelligence introduces a data marketplace. Privacy freaks aren't happy. Maybe their miffed that Arkham has been doxxing its own customers.

The Securities and Exchange Commission goes after Barnbridge DAO.

A new study shows that decentralization works best with smaller groups. It's funny that we need a study to tell us this. During economic downturns, the faint of heart and uncommitted will abandon ship, leaving everyone else holding the bag full of shitcoins. Larger DAOs also run the risk of attracting larger personalities, who are often looking for an element of control. The risks include a powerful individual taking over a decentralized entity, token speculators destroying an economy with a huge dump at a critical moment, and fragmentation and splintering within the group, which often leads to forks and other issues. In reality, decentralization very often leads to a few power brokers owning most of the stake, which means the natural tendency is toward centralization but in a more indirect way. Welcome to the real world.

A Moroccan man is charged with stealing OpenSea NFTs.

@r1s2g3 hit 10,000 impressions in one month on Publish0x. Congratulations!

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