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Ethscriptions Launch as Bitcoin Ordinals Alternative

USDC launches on the Arbitrum blockchain

Personal note: Recently, I launched the Taylor Token ($TAYL), a personal token for my fans and me. To learn how you can receive some $TAYLs, listen to the Defluenced podcast later in this newsletter or read my MIrror essay on social tokens.

If you like Bitcoin Ordinals, you'll love Ethscriptions. Decentralized competition. Almost like centralized competition.

Arbitrum bridges USDC, but how long before it's hacked?

The SEC denied another Coinbase advance.

How to avoid DAO burnout. Some great tips here. I'll have to vet my Discord servers more carefully. Other Internet breaks down the nature of DAO work. This is a very interesting read.

Source: Other Internet

When should tokens be considered securities for tax purposes?

What is token debt and why is it such a problem?

Chip technology can turn ordinary physical products into programmable digital assets. The list of use cases for this technology is extraordinary. This post only touches the surface. Imagine fiat currency itself being transformed into digital currency with embedded chips. In that case, it wouldn't matter if you spent your dollar bill as cash or with a debit card. Either way, your bank account balance changes.

What is an NFT social club and how do they work? I can see a proliferation of these in the future, particularly branded social clubs where purchasing an NFT might gain you membership in an exclusive club sponsored by a restaurant, a bar, a retail store, and other commercial enterprises where members receive special perks other customers don't receive.

New technologies could lead to a surge in Web3 usernames.

The metaverse could reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Governance tokens: What are they and are they important?

3Speak launches shorts. 3Speak is the Hive blockchain's decentralized YouTube alternative, a video sharing site. I don't understand the fascination with shorts. Instead of chasing TikTok's flaking skin, why not do something that will draw people to your platform because of its uniqueness? Hat tip to @melbourneswest

Twitter forces @hive-data to re-evaluate how often it posts due to limits on data scraping.

Meta is reducing the age to purchase a Quest headset to 10 and parents don't like it.

Web3 NFTs for brands are about making customers feel like owners.

NFT thieves use phishing techniques in the Roblox metaverse.

How to conduct a smart contract audit.

Republicans in the House Financial Services Committee take umbrage with Gary Gensler's proposed definition of "exchange". ConsenSys lawyer Bill Hughes calls it a "gussied up ban" on blockchains.

The benefits of Web3 as the future of the internet.

What are social tokens and what are they good for? @UnkleBonehead and I discuss social tokens in this episode of Defluenced. You can also check it out on Cast.Garden and YouTube. I'm proud to announce: I've created my own social token called Taylor Token, ticker symbol $TAYL. Learn how to get you some.

What is Champions of Otherworldly Magic? HINT: It's about NFTs.

Television program The Voice is entering the metaverse.

The third wave of digital identities is decentralization.

Cyberport, in Hong Kong, has attracted more than 150 Web3 firms in the last year.

What's Going On At Hive?

@asgharali discusses the next generation blogging and cryptocurrency ecosystem.

@mada has some interesting thoughts on free speech and censorship. It seems like someone, even in the U.S., is always trying to circumvent free speech. That's why we need platform's like Hive.

@tibfox shares a video of @starkerz riffing on the Steem takeover by Justin Sun.

@filoriologo asks if you'd accept at least a part of your salary in Hive or HBD? Since I've been paid for services in Hive and HBD, I wouldn't mind at all.

@taskmaster4450 declares Hive a digital nation in the making. This post focuses on economics, but there's more to being a digital nation than money. There's also culture and community. Hive certainly has community, and its culture is always in flux. That's not necessarily bad. Initially, I challenged the idea that Hive was on the road to becoming a network state. But I may change my mind.

@hiro-hive reviews the Presearch/Hive YouTube meeting. The meeting deserves multiple viewings. The result was a great conversation between Hive's @crimsonclad and Presearch's Colin Pape (@colinpape on Twitter).

@micheal87 says involvement in Hive is not compulsory but necessary.

Who Published This Week on Publish0x?

Patch lights up Buttcoin. It turns out the Swedes have found a way to incentivize disposing of cigarette butts properly.

John Wege waxes poetic about the U.S.'s big bitcoin secret. It's really no secret that the U.S. owns bitcoin. The secret is, what are they planning to do with it?

Cryptogod-1 goes off on Binance.

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