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Eustace, Texas: A Small Town Doing Its Own Thing

It's not just about Eustace or its name

This will be my last travel article for a while. For now, let's look at Eustace, Texas and see what's so special about this tiny town.

If you're driving through Eustace, you might think it's just another small town with nothing to offer but a rest stop at one of the town's few convenience stores. But that's just an appearance. Eustace has an interesting history.

For starters, like a lot of other small towns, Eustace formed around a railroad station. The year was 1900. That same year, the town's first post office was established and the town's name was changed from Mosely to Jolo. For a little while, some people called the town Mosely while others referred to under its new name. Eventually, it would come to be called Eustace, taking its name from a Confederate soldier who had relocated to Henderson County in the 19th century.

Eustace had many of the businesses one would expect of a small town in the early 20th century, but the still grew slowly. Nearby Athens grew a lot faster.

Other small towns popped up around Eustace, but many of them are no longer incorporated or appear as ghost towns. As a result, there are several historical markers outside of Eustace to commemorate the surrounding communities and their histories. Take a walk with Theresa and me through Eustace. Most of these sites we had to drive to due to the distance between them.

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