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February 2024 Web3 Social Media Earnings Report

There's no slowing down the Hive

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I'm back again with another Web3 social media earnings report. In February, I took the month off from posting, which means most of my earnings on most of the platforms are residual from the month before. There's one exception. I did continue to make a few posts, here and there, on Hive. Still, much of the earnings on that platform are residual from January.

If you're new to reading my posts, once a month, I report how much I earn on several Web3 social media platforms. This is the second report for 2024.

Let's jump in.

gFam (XRP)

With no February postings, one might expect no earnings in February. However, I did earn a few XRP from posts I made in January. Total XRP earned was $0.464. That translates into $0.2813696 USD, a far cry from the $3.00 and some change I picked up in January. Still, I'm not complaining.

Total earnings for February 2024 (rounded down) = $0.28


Regular readers know that Hive is my primary Web3 social media platform. I can't think of another platform that even comes close to earnings potential and that ticks all the boxes for what one should expect from a Web3 social media platform. That includes censorship-resistance, monetization potential, digital asset security, identity protection, and more.

As previously noted, I did reduce my posting in February, but I made up for that by throwing in a couple of Hive-only posts. I also joined InLeo Premium and made my Hive-only posts from the InLeo platform, which allowed me to earn extra LEO (for posting from InLeo and for being an InLeo Premium account owner).

My Hive-only posts included several @actifit reports, which were made from the Actifit mobile app. It also included several X Blue metrics reports, which I make every Monday on Hive. These posts detail my X Blue account growth metrics. These are the 4 X Blue account metrics report I made in February:

In addition to the X Blue Metrics reports, I posted a comparison of the top 30 cryptocurrencies and their rankings on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap. I also published a post about why XRP has tremendous upsides for the next bull run. These two Hive-only posts rounded out my Hive activity for the month of February.

So, how much did I earn on Hive in February 2024? 64.516 HIVE, 6.017 HBD, and 13.618 HBD savings. Additionally, I picked up 44.289 LEO.

Except for the LEO, the Hive earnings equate to $23.7225332 USD in HIVE, $6.13734 in USD in HBD, and $13.89036 in USD in HBD savings. The total earnings there equal $43.7502332 USD. At the end of the month, I held a bevy of layer-2 (L2) tokens on Hive-Engine and these equate to a total of $26.96 in USD value. That includes the amount of LEO tokens I own. Since my Hive L2 tokens held a value of $19.09 USD at the end of January, that means I increased my L2 token earnings by $7.87 USD.

The total of my Hive earnings in February 2024 were $51.6202335.

Total earnings for February 2024 (rounded down) = $51.62

Paragraph (MATIC)

On Paragraph, I give my newsletter/blog readers opportunities to collect some of my posts. Since I only wrote one post for the newsletter/blog for February, I didn't expect to earn much if anything at all. As it turned out, I collected 6 MATIC. That translates into $6.30 USD.

Total earnings for February 2024 (rounded down) = $6.30

Publish0x (ETH/OP)

As with Publish0x and gFam, I posted only once during the month of February. My earnings for the month were 0.00011774 ETH and 0.10267997 OP. The USD value of these tokens were $0.41 and $0.40, respectively.

Total earnings for February 2024 = $0.81.

Torum (XTM)

Since I took a content holiday in February, I didn't spend much time on Torum. My earnings were 2 XTM, which equates to $0.1028 in USD.

Total earnings for February 2024 (rounded down) = $0.10

Presearch (PRE)

One might expect that a dip in content publishing activity would lead to a decrease in searches. That wasn't the case. Hey, I still used the Internet!

I earned 3.11 PRE in February 2024. That amounts to 0.0830681 in USD value.

Total earnings for February 2024 (rounded down) = $0.08

My total earnings from all Web3 social media platforms in February 2024 = $51.33, not counting my Hive L2 tokens. Add those in and the total earned was $59.20.

Keep reading because I've decided to go on a Hive posting spree in March. I'm aiming to publish at least one piece of content on the Hive blockchain every day of the month, including this post. Next month's Web3 social media earnings report should be interesting.

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