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Lumberton, North Carolina: I Wish I'd Played My Air Guitar

Small towns with rich histories have many different flavors

Lumberton, North Carolina was founded the same year the Constitutional Convention sent the U.S. Constitution to Congress for approval. That year was 1787. Three years before, Robeson County was created by two Revolutionary War heroes. Their names were General John Willis and Colonel Thomas Robeson. Willis provided the land for the county seat, which was Lumberton, and the county was named after Robeson. Lumberton was incorporated in 1859.

Theresa and I discovered Lumberton by accident, but we loved this little town. While the video isn't our most popular, it does capture the beauty and elegance of this small town.

Lumberton has some interesting buildings and an incredible culture. When we were there, Lumberton was in the process of revitalization, so you'll see some buildings that are under construction. They're still beautiful. As you'll see, architecture of the late 19th and early 20th centuries has a lot of character.

If you know anything about Theresa and me, you know we love courthouses. Make sure you notice the beautiful construction of the Robeson County Courthouse about 4:30 seconds into the video.

While Lumberton didn't have any history of the buildings on their historic walking tour, we were able to determine which buildings were banks. We think you'll notice too. And, of course, you don't want to miss the oldest building in Lumberton, which carries a beautiful Colonial look and feel.

Finally, we don't know who Dick Taylor is, but he has a plaza named after him in Lumberton, and it really is a beautiful plaza where folks in Lumberton gather for social events. I threatened to play my air guitar concerto, but we, unfortunately, ran out of time. Maybe you'll get to hear it someday. But for now, check out what Lumberton, NC has to offer in less than 10 minutes.

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