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Chickens, Vehicle Maintenance, and Louisiana - Oh My!

Check out our shorts and what we did in Leesville

Theresa and I have spent a lot of time between Texas and the East Coast states of Georgia and South Carolina. One of those states, of course, is Louisiana. Our popular video this week is from the historic town of Leesville in Louisiana.

But before we get there, let's talk about our shorts.

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No, not those kind of shorts.

YouTube shorts.

Our most popular YouTube short is almost as popular as our most popular walking tour video. The day we had to call a tow truck to haul off our campervan to have its transmission replaced was a disappointing day. But we made it through. To date, it's our most popular short.

A couple of weeks ago, we relived that experience when the ball joint slipped out of the left front wheel while we were driving. That was an even more harrowing experience. Unfortunately, I never even thought about videotaping it. So, sorry, no short.

Our second most popular YouTube short is about chickens.

This week's featured video, however, is on Leesville, Louisiana. I think you'll like Leesville. In 1871, Vernon Parish in Louisiana saw its start when a wealthy plantation owner donated a part of his land for the county courthouse. A city formed around that courthouse and it was named Leesville in honor of Confederate Army General Robert E. Lee. Leesville became the county seat even though it wasn't incorporated until 1900.

Walk with us through Leesville as we learn about the history and culture of this small town in the southern U.S. state of Louisiana.

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