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I Knew This Was Going to Happen

It's time to change my posting schedule

It was bound to happen.

If you read my posts regularly, you know I usually write about Web3 publishing topics on Wednesday and Christian topics on Thursday. Well, this week I got bit by the time management bug and failed to plan what I was going to write about. Instead, I spent my usual planning and newsletter writing time working on my next fiction project.

This is a clear sign that it's time to change my posting schedule.

As you know, Wednesday through Saturday (and soon to be Tuesday through Saturday), I am in a grocery store all day selling my books. It's become a full-time job, with full-time pay. While that's a good thing, because I'm selling books, it also means I have less time for writing, or less time for writing when I want to write.

Businesses must rearrange their priorities from time to time if they're to remain relevant. I've done this several times over the years, so I'll do it again.

Going forward, I'll aim to write one or two posts per week, but the posting will be on no particular day. I will likely publish a post on Monday and, when time permits, another post sometime during the week. I may write about Web3 publishing topics, Christian topics, or fiction, but I will continue to stay in touch and you'll receive something from me based on which communities you belong to.

Here's how to know which communities you are signed up for, and how to change your preferences:

Click on "Unsubscribe or Manage Preferences" at the bottom of this email

You'll see this:

If you click on any of the slide bars on the left side of the subscribe list, you'll subscribe or unsubscribe from that list. If the slide turns blue, you're subscribed. If it turns gray, you're unsubscribed. You can subscribe or unsubscribe to or from as many lists as you wish.

If you're reading this on one of the Web3 social media platforms I post to afterward, you can subscribe to my newsletter on Paragraph, or wait for my posts to appear on platform.

Tomorrow, I'll share the first chapter of my current work in progress, but I will share it only with the SpecFic Files group. If you are into speculative fiction and want a glimpse into the story I'm writing, make sure you're subscribed to SpecFic Files.

See you in your inbox (or on one of the Web3 social media platforms)!

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