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Palestine, Texas Is a Hotbed of Interesting History

Our YouTube channels most popular video outside of Southeastern U.S.

Outside of Georgia and South Carolina, the most popular small town walking tour video on Theresa's and my YouTube channel is Palestine, Texas. We had fun in Palestine, and it's one of the coolest towns we've been through.

Palestine is home to some beautiful architecture and great history. With more than 1,800 historical sites, there is plenty to do gawk at.

The small town was settled in the 1840s by emigrants from Palestine, Illinois, who named the village after their hometown. In 1846, the Texas Legislature incorporated the town and named it county seat of Anderson County. Early on, travelers could get in and out of Palestine by stagecoach connected to other small Texas towns such as Huntsville, Crockett, and Nacogdoches three times a week. Like a lot of small towns throughout the U.S., the railroad boom gave Palestine a real boost.

We didn't have time in Palestine to record every bit of history there. We walked one tour of several. Significant Palestine tours include:

  • Sculpture tour

  • Train caboose tour

  • Mural tour

  • Historic homes tour

  • Downtown walking tour

  • Cemetery tour

  • Historic churches

  • Influential personalities

  • Anderson County historical markers

  • Two historic driving tours

  • Black History & Heritage Tour

  • Festival of Trees

  • And much more

What we cover in our YouTube video of Palestine barely scratches the surface of what you'll find, from the many faces of the county courthouse to famous gunfights. We'd be delighted if you'd check it out for yourself.

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