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Staunton, Virginia: Beauty, Culture, and Charm On a History Treat

Where is the prettiest church in Staunton?

You'll love this walking tour of Staunton, Virginia. Theresa and I had a lot of fun walking this historic town and shooting video of the beautiful homes, churches, and other buildings.

Staunton was founded in 1747 and named after the wife of a British Army officer. If that isn't interesting enough, you'll definitely want to watch the whole video because a lot of really cool stuff happened in Staunton. You'll find out which presidents came and went as well as which churches are the oldest in this very old town.

Staunton has several historic districts and we give you a taste of each one by either walking through them or overlooking them from one of the highest points around the city.

I won't belabor the details any longer. You'll appreciate the tour a lot more if you just watch the video.

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