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Web3 Social Earnings: April 2023

The addition of Paragraph and Readl Has Been Kind

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For the past year, regular Cryptocracy have looked forward to reading my Web3 earnings report each month. In this report, I go through the list of Web3 social media platforms that I am working and detail my income from those platforms. In April, I added Mirror and Paragraph to the circulation. Readl was added the month before. Here's what April 2023 looked like for me.

Actifit (AFIT)

This will be my last Actifit report. CoinMarketCap delisted AFIT a couple of months ago. Since last month's report, CoinGecko has delisted it. I don't know why.

Because of these delistings, I have no way of knowing the true value of AFIT tokens. It isn't much. Last month, I earned 119 tokens and they were valued at less than 1 cent for the entire lot. I may continue to use Actifit to track my physical activity, but I will begin converting all my AFIT tokens into Hive, being that the app is on the Hive blockchain.

In April, I earned 33.795 AFIT. Given last month's valuation of AFIT, that's likely not even half a penny.

Cent Pages (USD)

I sold two poetry NFTs on Cent Pages in April. My earnings came to $1.90 for the month. Not great, but I'm not spending a lot of time promoting them either due to spending more time on Paragraph and Mirror. The two poems that sold are Tattoo (only 3 mints left) and Cigar (4 mints left).

April Earnings = $1.90

gFam (XRP)

gFam continues to be a steady player, but not as steady as it once was. I earned 7.625 XRP last month, a far cry below the 23.157 and 22 I earned in March and February, respectively, and the 58.1 I earned in January. I'm not going to go into detail about why my XRP contributions are falling at gFam. To me, it doesn't matter. The little bit I earned still translated into $3.5951875, which is much better than some of the other platforms I've seen.

April Earnings (rounded down) = $3.59


Hive is emerging as a top-earning Web3 platform. I think the networking I'm doing is paying off. Here's what my token earnings look like for April 2023:

  • Hive Power (HP) = 19.964

  • Hive-Backed Dollars (HBD) = 6.057

What this translates into as USD equivalent is ...

  • HP = $8.1892328

  • HBD = $5.8231998

  • HBD Savings = $6.489

HBD savings is an estimate based on the current 20 percent APR. It pays out approximately every 30 days. Hive was my biggest earner in April. Total earnings are below.

April Earnings (rounded down) = $20.50

Mirror (ETH)

I'm just getting started with Mirror, and it isn't a social media platform so much as it is a social blogging, or social publishing, platform. The proposition is to earn from sales of content NFTs. My posts are collectible, but I'm considering changing how I use Mirror. To date, I've republished Cryptocracy as is and offered each issue for collecting for small amounts of ETH and in limited mints (5 or less). My sales aren't that great, but I don't have a lot of followers either.

I'm likely to quit re-posting issues of Cryptocracy (rebranded as Web3 Writings) now that I'm on Paragraph (read about Paragraph below). By limiting my posts as collectibles to one platform, I believe they'll be more scarce and hold more value long term.

Since Paragraph is my preferred platform for newsletter publishing, that means I'll have to use Mirror in a different way. I'll likely use it for posting original articles, but less often. More information to come.

My April earnings were an humble 0.0005 ETH, which translates into $0.942125 USD.

April Earnings (rounded down) = $0.94

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Paragraph (MATIC)

I believe Paragraph has much more potential for earnings from newsletter publishing. Mirror has more potential for other types of content publishing. I'm learning a lot from the Write3 guy, @GregYounger.

I started using Paragraph at the beginning of April. So far, I like it. I moved Cryptocracy from Substack to Paragraph last week and consolidated all of my mailing lists into four separate communities on Paragraph. You can read more about that here (if you like what you read, feel free to collect the post).

My April earnings on Paragraph were 4.75 MATIC. That's not bad for the first month. I'm looking forward to seeing that increase. It translates into $4.68825 USD.

April Earnings (rounded down) = $4.68

Publish0x (AMPL/ETH/SPOT)

Publish0x continues to rock steady. My token earnings for April 2023 were as below:

  • AMPL = 2.8224

  • ETH = 0.00170996

  • SPOT = 6.2168

In USD, these numbers translate into $2.850624, $3.2200598752, and $7.024984, respectively.

April Earnings (rounded down) = $13.09

Readl (MATIC)

I published my book Web3 Social: How Creators Are Changing the World Wide Web (And You Can Too!) on Readl in March in the ePub format. I sold some that month and relisted it when the introductory offer ended. I have seven copies left at the current price.

My earnings from book sales at Readl for April were 6 MATIC. That equals $6.86 in USD.

April Earnings = $6.86

Torum (XTM)

I'm going to say goodbye to Torum. I tried to cash out my XTM this morning and it was going to cost me more in Ethereum gas fees than I would keep, so I kept my XTM on-platform. When I get the chance, I'm vacating and moving on. I have nothing against the platform. It's just that I don't spend much time there and I'm not earning the full potential. I'll miss my 5,000+ followers, but I think it's best to focus on other platforms like Mirror, Paragraph, and Hive.

My April earnings on Torum amounted to 16.75 XTM. That equals 0.3020025 USD. Now you see why it isn't really worth my time.

April Earnings (rounded down) = $.30

Presearch (PRE)

My earnings from Presearch declined precipitously in April. I must not have made that many searches. I earned a measly 1.4 PRE. That equals 0.089026 USD.

April Earnings (rounded down) = $.08

Total Earnings

My total Web3 earnings for the month of April 2023 comes out to $51.97369148 USD.

Total April Earnings (rounded down) = $51.97

That's not terrible. I've had better, but I've also had worse. I'm anxious to see what my income looks like from Paragraph and Mirror once I solidify my publishing strategies on those two platforms.

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