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Web3 Social Earnings, June 2023

Publish0x earns top honors this month

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After an excellent earning month in May, June fell off a cliff.

That's the way it is in Web3. It's unpredictable, but that doesn't mean great things aren't taking place. For the most part, several platforms were consistent in earnings with previous months. gFam, Hive, and Publish0x came through as expected. Earnings from Mirror and Readl slipped, but Paragraph and Torum picked up a little slack. Here's the rundown.

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gFam (XRP)

I keep going back to gFam because I know I can earn a few XRP, which I expect to surge after the ruling is delivered in its case with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Whether Ripple wins or loses, I expect XRP to be a long-term play. So, I continue to earn as much as I can and stuff it away.

My June XRP earnings at gFam were $4.1171598.

Total earnings (rounded down) = $4.11


Hive is still one of my top earners, but I still think it has far more potential. I've got a good reputation on Hive, but not as many followers as I'd hope at this stage of my blogging. I guess that may be because I haven't done a good job at promoting my posts in the right Hive communities. Or it could be that people on Hive prefer to get their Web3 news from the whales who have been on the platform for longer. I think I published other types of content more often, I'd pick up more followers.

My June earnings were $6.3396736 in Hive Power (HP) and $4.108577 in Hive-Backed Dollars (HBD). I hadn't yet earned savings interest when I figured my earnings on the last day of the month. I expect to those in July's report.

Total Hive earnings (rounded down) = $10.44

Mirror (ETH)

In May, Mirror was my second highest earning platform (behind Hive). In June, it was the lowest. I attribute this to my not yet figuring out how to use it effectively. Many crypto and Web3 brands use it like Medium. It's their company blog. Since I use Paragraph more heavily, Mirror is somewhat redundant. I just have to figure out how to incorporate it into my publishing routine a little more seamlessly and effectively. My earnings in June were $0.384822.

Total earnings (rounded down) = $0.38

Paragraph (MATIC)

Paragraph earned me more in June than it did in May, and it was my second highest earning platform in June. It also earned more than Hive.

I'm proud of that achievement because it means I must be doing something right with Paragraph. I publish a newsletter entry four days a week, but two of those days are non-Web3 content. I am beginning to change my strategy. Instead of offering mints on all of my posts, I've quit offering mints on non-Web3 posts. No one collects them anyway. That means all of my earnings in June came from posts published on Tuesdays and Fridays. But I'm going to make them available less often.

Going forward, I'm only going to offer mints of my original articles, which I publish on Fridays. When those begin to sell out every time, I'll increase the number of mints. I currently offer 3 per issue.

My June earnings on Paragraph were $12.4089.

Total earnings (rounded down) = $12.40

Publish0x (AMPL, SPOT, ETH)

Publish0x is not often my highest earner, but it was in June. I earned $4.72 in AMPL, $4.24 in ETH, and $8.74 in SPOT.

ETH is the only of these I have any interest in. I continue to collect the other two until I accumulate enough to make it worth my while to trade. I don't know why I'm continuing to earn so well on Publish0x. The user base has declined. I guess I'm picking up tips that would normally have gone to someone else. My earnings in June were $17.7.

Total earnings = $17.70

Readl (MATIC)

I sold no books on Readl in June. That's likely because I only have the one book and everyone who is going to buy it has already bought it. Or maybe I need to recruit more followers.

Total earnings = $0

Torum (XTM)

I was going to quit Torum and cash out my earnings, but it was going to cost a fortune in ETH gas fees. So I decided to continue posting even though I can't cash out. At some point, it won't be so painful to cash out my earnings. Plus, I've got over 5,000 followers, and I gain a few more each day. So it's worth posting there just to get my content in front of those followers.

My June earnings came to $1.41954.

That's a huge increase over previous months and is likely due to being able to collect tokens more often. I actually showed up every day a couple of weeks.

Total earnings (rounded down) = $1.41

Presearch (PRE)

I got my issue worked out with Presearch. For some reason, I wasn't collecting tokens from searches for a couple of weeks. I don't know why. I contacted customer service and got the issue resolved. My earnings in June were 1.166676.

Total earnings (rounded down) = $1.16

June Earnings from Web3 Social Media

In May, my earnings were over $90. In June, I managed to earn just $47.6453484 on Web3 platforms. In July, I could see my earnings go up again. That's the way things go in Web3 social media.

Total Web3 social earnings in June (rounded down) = $47.64

If you're not familiar with Web3 social media platforms like these, get the full scoop by reading my book Web3 Social: How Creators Are Changing the World Wide Web (And You Can Too!).

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