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Web3 Social Media Earnings, June 2024

How much crypto I raked in on Web3 social media platforms last month

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I'm back for another Web3 social media earnings report. What I find interesting about my June 2024 earnings is that I saw a decline in earnings from almost every platform I posted to but earned more in June than I did in May. Let's look at how that happened.

gFam (XRP)

I've been steady about posting to gFam for quite a while. As a result, I can expect it earn me some XRP every month. In June 2024, I earned 4.411009 XRP. That translates into 2.0828784498 USD.

My XRP earnings from gFam are down from 2.4597384 in May 2024.

June 2024 earnings (rounded down) = $2.08


Hive is still my top earner. It always has been and continues to not disappoint.

My Hive Power earnings for June 2024 were 85.6, up from 72.009. However, since the value of HIVE has declined, that translates into $18.7892 USD versus $21.9555441 in May.

Where I did see an increase is in my HBD earnings. I went from 6.879 HBD in May 2024 to 20.271 HBD in June. In terms of USD, the values of those numbers are $6.755178 and $20.47371, respectively.

My HBD savings account earned 14.662 HBD in June, down from 15.616 in May. The associated earnings in USD for June equates to $14.80862, down from $15.3286656 in May.

The total earnings in USD from all three of my earnings categories on Hive for the month of June were $54.07153.

June 2024 earnings (rounded down) = $54.07

Paragraph/Readl (MATIC)

I'm lumping Paragraph and Read together in this report because birth earn MATIC. Paragraph is a newsletter platform that allows users to collect posts as NFTs. Readl is an e-book platform that allows users to collect e-books as NFTs.

In May 2024, I earned 6 MATIC on Paragraph and 0 MATIC on Readl. The USD equivalent from both platforms was $4.2102.

In June 2024, I earned 0 MATIC on Paragraph and 0.95 MATIC on Readl. Essentially, I sold one e-book. The USD equivalent from both platforms for the month of June was $0.519935.

June 2024 earnings (rounded down) = $0.51

Publish0x (ETH/OP)

Last month, I decided to stop posting to Publish0x. Therefore, the earnings for June represent a partial month. This will be the last time Publish0x hits this report unless I start posting there again in the future.

In May 2024, I earned 0.00055935 ETH and 0.57388571 OP. That amounted to $2.126492082 USD and $1.4174977037, respectively. In June 2024, my earnings were 0.00015285 ETH and 0.25105605 OP. The USD equivalent was $0.52 and $0.44, respectively.

June 2024 earnings (rounded down) = $0.96

Torum (XTM)

In June, I earned 12.75 XTM on Torum, versus 14 in May. The USD equivalent was $0.5070675 in June versus $0.57302 in May.

June 2024 earnings (rounded down) = $0.50

Presearch (PRE)

In June, I earned 1.24 PRE making searches on Presearch. In May, I earned 3.4 PRE. A couple of days ago I learned that I wasn't logged into Presearch, so there's no telling how long I went during the month of June making searches without earning PRE. That's a bummer!

My USD earnings in June 2024 were $0.0176452 versus $0.059364 in May.

June 2024 earnings (rounded down) = $0.01


As you can see, my earnings from every platform went down in June, with one exception. Earnings went up on Hive. Even then, it was only HBD earnings that increased. HIVE earnings declined.

The bottom line is that Hive is carrying all the other platforms. My total earnings for June from all platforms was $58.15 USD. $54.07 of that was on Hive.

This makes me want to say goodbye to all platforms except Hive. I suspect I'll be dropping Torum very soon. I am not sure about gFam. I like earnings XRP. Presearch will stay because it's a search engine and when I get to 10,000 PRE, I'll be able to use it for advertising. I'm almost there now.

I have also been considering jumping onto Zirkels to give it a test run. I tried DeSo last year and wasn't too impressed. Zirkels could be a different story. We'll see, and I'll keep you posted.

June 2024 earnings from all platforms (rounded down) = $58.15

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