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Web3 Earnings Report, September 2023

Hive is still my biggest earner

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Welcome to another Web3 social media earnings report. September was not a stellar month for me, but it was better than last month.

In August, I took a posting break from all social media except for Hive. One other thing I did was cancel all my Hive curation trails and joined the Ecency curation team as a guest curator. As a result of those changes, I only made $13.78 for the whole month and all but a couple of dollars of it from Hive. There are two lessons learned from that experiment:

  1. Lesson #1: My earnings from platforms other than Hive are significant enough to make a small difference in total earnings.

  2. Lesson #2: Hive curation trails matter.

In September, I added my usual Web3 social haunts back into the mix, most of them, and restarted my Hive curation trails. Scratch that! I just checked and I forgot, evidently, to restart my curation trails, so my earnings in September suffered from that lame-brained mistake. Keep marching.

These are my Web3 social earnings from September 2023 ...

gFam (XRP)

My earnings from gFam just keep sliding. That's because they are focused on growing the platform and tipping posters that respond to their challenges. Being laser-focused on my own posting patterns, I have little time for those kinds of games. That doesn't mean they're bad.

gFam has really grown its user base a lot. It now has more than 800 users with Nigeria and Venezuela being the countries with the most visitors to the site. What that means for the average creator is that there is more competition for tips. While 800 users is not a lot, it still means each user must compete with every other user for attention, and my posts are not as popular for that reason.

I also tend to post about different topics than most other users. I stick with crypto/Web3 topics, Christianity, and travel topics mostly.

While I don't think the number of tips I've been receiving has lowered, the amount of each tip has lowered, and that's why my earnings are sliding. I used to make the leaderboard almost every month. In September, I failed to land and it's likely because I don't participate in many of the challenges. Maybe I should change that.

I still think the upside to earning XRP is that I can stack a Top 10 crypto that is undervalued.

Earnings for September 2023: 3.549 XRP. That translates to $1.838382 USD.

Total earnings, rounded down: $1.83

Hive (HP/HBD)

My Hive earnings in September 2023 were interesting. The witnesses must have voted to not pay out any Hive-backed Dollars (HBD) because I didn't receive any. Instead, my Hive Power earnings rose to 44.19 HP, which translates into $12.497 USD. Additionally, my HBD savings interest earnings were 12.71 HBD, which translates into $12.8371 USD. The 20 percent APY is one of the best-kept open secrets in Web3.

My top three earning posts from Hive in September were:

These three posts earned a total of $32.77. Now, that doesn't mean I earned that full amount. On Hive, the author of a post earns 50 percent of the rewards while the other 50 percent is divided among the curators. My earnings from those three posts equated to $16.385, the lion's share of my total monthly earnings of $25.3341 USD.

Total earnings, rounded down: $25.33

Publish0x (ETH/AMPL)

The best thing about Publish0x is that I get to earn ETH. While it isn't much ETH, it's enough that the gwei stack up over time. In September, I earned 0.00255664 ETH and 3.5524 AMPL. That translates to $4.28 USD in ETH and $4.58 USD in AMPL, respectively.

Total earnings: $8.86

Torum (XTM)

My heart really isn't into Torum. The only reason I post there any more is because it costs too much to cash out the XTM. Because Torum is on the Ethereum blockchain, the gas fees are outrageous. The last I checked, it was going to cost me more to cash out than the amount I was cashing out. So, I figure, since I can't cash out, I'll just drop a link when I have a new newsletter or blog post and collect my Mission rewards. The downside is, I don't post new content everyday, which means I'm missing out on collecting weekly Torum rewards. I'll make Kurt Vonnegut proud and say, "So it does."

In September, I earned 10 XTM. That amounts to $0.2021 USD.

Total earnings, rounded down: $0.20


I continue to use Presearch for my search engine and am getting close to my minimum payout threshold, but I'll likely use that PRE to bid on keywords and do some advertising for my books. You never know, it might pay off.

I earned 8.87 PRE last month, which translates into $0.0422994 USD.

Total earnings, rounded down: $0.04

Total Earnings

My total earnings from all Web3 social platforms for September 2023 was $36.2768814.

Total earnings, rounded down: $36.27

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