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Web3 Social Media Earnings for January 2024

Hive continues to be my top earner

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Welcome to the first Web3 Social Media Earnings Report of 2024. It covers the month of January 2024.

This will be the only newsletter post I make in the month of February because I've decided to take a content publishing holiday. However, if I do create any new social media content this month, it will be exclusive to Hive. You can follow me there.

Now, let's get on with it. Shall we?

gFam (XRP)

gFam continues to be a steady income earner for me. It's not as lucrative as it once was, when the platform first started. However, I'm never disappointed in the performance of my posts.

In January, I earned 5.994 XRP tokens from my gFam posts. That equates to $3.0503455 in USD.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I continue posting to gFam because I like earning free XRP. Say what you will about it, but I believe XRP is the future of cross-border payments for financial institutions. I think it also has some potential for other use cases, such as tokenization for businesses, particularly businesses in the financial sector. At a valuation of just over 50 cents, I believe XRP is undervalued. I see it going up in 2024.

January 2024 Earnings (rounded down) = $3.05


Hive continues to be my favorite Web3 social media platform. It's a consistent earner and my best earner.

In January, I earned 75.943 Hive Power (HP), 63.954 HBD, and 15.267 HBD savings.

I started keeping track of my earnings in my HBD savings account because it earns a consistent 20 percent APR every 30 days. That's pretty significant earnings. There have been months when I've earned more in savings than I earned in HBD by creating and curating content. That didn't happen this month, but it has happened.

The USD equivalent to these earnings are $23.2993124 in HP, $63.4807404 in HBD, and $15.1540242 in HBD savings. That amounts to $101.934077 total earnings on Hive in January 2024, and that's not counting the layer-2 tokens I earned during the month. Those earnings, however, account for 88.88 percent of the total amount of earnings from all Web3 social media platforms.

One of the tokens I earned the most of in January 2024 is LEO, the native token for the InLeo community.

I joined InLeo Premium early in January and do a fair amount of my content creation now using their platform. That is earning me additional tokens. At the end of January, I had 207.597 LEO tokens, but I started with 39.536 at the end of November 2023. I didn't count them in December, so I can't say how many of the 168.061 LEO earned between December 2023 and January 2024 were earned in January. Going forward, I'm going to try to keep track of this monthly. CoinMarketCap doesn't give me a value for LEO tokens, but CoinGecko does.

Based on a $4.03 market price as reported by CoinGecko, that makes my 207.597 LEO tokens worth about $836.61591 and the 168.061 LEO earned over the past two months worth about $677.28583. Now I see why so many InLeo community members are excited about the platform.

It will be interesting to see how many LEO tokens I earn in February and the value of those tokens at the end of the month. Regarding Actifit, I've decided to report my earnings there in HIVE and HBD, but they're included in the Hive earnings report each month. I'll no longer report my AFIT earnings.

For now, here's what I earned on Hive in January.

January 2024 Earnings (rounded down) = $101.93

Paragraph (MATIC)

Unlike my Hive earnings, my MATIC earnings on Paragraph are a result of my newsletter posts being purchased as NFTs. In January 2024, that's resulted in 6 MATIC in earnings for the month. The value of those 6 MATIC at the end of the month was $4.86.

While I enjoy writing my newsletter and have figured out a way to earn a little bit from it, I'd like to earn more. Paragraph has many more tools available to content creators for earning from their content. I plan to explore those opportunities in the future to see if I can increase my Paragraph earnings. That includes subscriptions, both in MATIC and USD. For now ...

January 2024 Earnings (rounded down) = $4.86

Publish0x (ETH/OP)

Despite not really being Web3, Publish0x remains a top and consistent earner for me. Late last year, the platform migrated from the Ethereum blockchain to Optimism. In doing so, they got rid of the couple of Ethereum tokens they were distributing and exchanged them for Optimism's governance token, OP. I'm really glad for the change.

Thankfully, Publish0x kept ETH as one of its tipping coins. My ETH earnings in January 2024 amounted to 0.00098488. In USD, that equates to $2.3044813168.

My OP earnings in January 2024 were 0.62105781. That equates to $1.8755945862.

Total earnings in USD value from these two coins amount to $4.180075903.

January 2024 Earnings (rounded down) = $4.18

Torum (XTM)

Torum deliverd 16.5 XTM my way in January 2024. That amounts to $0.617925 in USD.

January 2024 Earnings (rounded down) = $0.61

Presearch (PRE)

I continue to conduct most of my searches using Presearch. In January 2024, that amounted to 2.15 PRE in earnings amounting to $0.0500735 in USD.

January 2024 Earnings (rounded down) = $0.05

My total earnings from all platforms, in USD value, for January 2024 (rounded down) = $114.70

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