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May 2024 Web3 Social Media Earnings Report

Maybe I'd do better if I focused solely on Paragraph and Hive

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I'm back for another Web3 social media earnings report. Let's dive in and see what the earnings look like this month.

Web3 Social Media Platform Earnings

I've been using the same few platforms since January without adding any new ones or dropping any. I am beginning to reconsider which platforms to continue with. Hive is an obvious keeper. However, which of the following platforms I'll continue posting on through the rest of the year is up in the air.

More than simply considering the earnings, I'm also reconsidering the amount of time I spend on these platforms. Some take longer than others, but it also makes sense to spend more time on those with the most potential. On top of that, since the beginning of the year, I've spent considerably more time offline selling books in the real world. That takes up a lot of my time. I need to free up more time for writing more books and selling the books I've already published.

Bottom line: Time is a premium commodity.

Without further ado, these are my earnings on Web3 social media in May 2024.

gFam (XRP)

May was my third-best month this year on gFam. In April, I won a leadership award and a 25 XRP reward that resulted in total earnings of 29.362 XRP for the month. That translated into $14.446104 USD. In January, I earned 5.994 XRP ($3.0503466 USD). May earnings fall in right behind January's. Take away the 25 XRP reward in April and my rewards for may topped April.

My posts earned 4.723 XRP in May, which translates into $2.4597384 USD.

Total earnings for May (rounded down) = $2.45


In contrast to my earnings on gFam, my earnings on Hive are pretty close to the worst for the year. The only month where I earned less was February.

In terms of tokens, May resulted in the third-highest earnings in HIVE, the second-worst earnings in HBD, and the highest earnings in HBD savings interest for the year. The numbers were 72.009 HIVE, 6.879 HBD, and 15.616 HBD savings interest. In terms of USD value, those translate into $21.9555441, $6.755178, and $15.3286656, respectively. The total USD value in all three Hive categories comes to $44.0393877.

Total earnings for May (rounded down) = $44.03

Paragraph (MATIC)

Paragraph offers me an opportunity to monetize my newsletter. I admit that I'm not making the most of the opportunity. I could be doing better. For example, I'm not yet taking advantage of subscriptions, but I am thinking about it. Meanwhile, I earned 6 MATIC in May, which translates into $4.2102 USD.

Total earnings for May (rounded down) = $4.21

Publish0x (ETH/OP)

I'm still contemplating the future of Publish0x as a platform. The bright light it has for me is the engagement I get on posts. By far, I get more engagement on Publish0x than I do any of the other platforms on this list. That must account for something.

Nevertheless, my earnings have fallen drastically this year from last. In May, I earned 0.00055935 ETH and 0.57388571, which translates into $2.126492082 and $1.4174977037, respectively.

My total earnings among the two cryptocurrencies came to $3.5439897857.

Total earnings for May (rounded down) = $3.54

Torum (XTM)

I feel like it won't be long before I'm done with Torum. I'm not active on it every day. I post and leave and do little active engagement on the platform. However, I do have more than 5,000 followers, which makes it one of my biggest accounts. If I cared about social media engagement that much, it would be my favorite platform. But I don't. No sense pretending.

For me, the value of social media is in content creation. To the extent that I see engagement around that content, I can get into it. I don't get into it for engagement's sake. Maybe that's a bad attitude, but that's my attitude toward social media in general.

Torum feels a lot like Facebook to me, and I'm not a big fan of Facebook. In May, I earned 14 XTM. With daily and weekly rewards, the potential is to earn 102.5 XTM each month. That's showing up every day, creating a new post each day, and engaging with 5 or more posts per day. I'm not doing that. If I did, my earnings could be in the $3 to $5 range every month. As it is, in May, the 14 XTM I earned amounts to just $0.57302.

As you can see, I'm just not into it.

Total earnings for May (rounded down) = $0.57

Presearch (PRE)

As I've said before, Presearch isn't a social media platform. It's a search engine, but they do pay based on the number of searches each month. Since most of my time these days is selling books and I spend less time researching because I'm not writing for clients as much, my Presarch rewards are slowing down. I still like seeing them.

In May, I earned 3.4 PRE. That's in the range of what I've been earning for the better part of this year. My best month in 2024 was April when I earned 3.79 PRE. The worst month was January when I earned 2.15 PRE. In USD, the best month was February when I earned $0.0830681 USD, because the value of PRE was higher then than in May. The worst month was, again, January when I earned $0.0500735 USD.

The 3.4 PRE I earned in May equates to $0.059364 USD.

Total earnings for May (rounded down) = $0.05

Hive L2 Tokens

I've talked about Hive layer-2 tokens before, but I haven't reported on them to any extent. Today, I'm going to briefly share some of the tokens I earn on Hive, their value, and where I see Hive tokenization going.

Ecency (Ecency Points)

Ecency Points are earned in the Ecency platform, which is a Hive frontend allowing anyone to post content to the Hive blockchain from a different interface. I use it less often for that these days, but I continue to use Ecency, primarily for promoting my posts.

Before one can use Ecency Points to promote posts, one must either earn them or buy them. I earn them.

One of the ways I earn Ecency Points is by delegating Hive. I've delegated 303.02 HP to Ecency, which earns me over 30 Ecency Points daily. I also earn Ecency Points for upvotes and comments. I then use these Ecency Points to promote my Hive posts once or twice a week. Promoting the posts does earn me a few additional upvotes, but whether it is enough to pay for the Ecency Points is another question. I haven't done the math, so I can't be sure. I guess that's a project for another day.

In May, I earned a total of 1057.345 Ecency Points. At the end of the month, I had 108.544 left over. The value of those points was $0.217 USD.

InLeo (LEO)

I use InLeo for posting now more than any other Hive frontend. There are a couple of different ways I earn LEO on the platform.

First, I publish posts and receive organic votes from other users. That earns me LEO in addition to HIVE and HBD. I also delegate 252.07 HP to the Leo Voter bot and receive curated upvotes in exchange for that delegation. A third way I earn LEO each month is through InLeo Premium. I pay 10 HBD and receive a slate of benefits that include the ability to write long InLeo Threads, edit them, use certain formatting features, and so on. While this doesn't directly earn me additional rewards, I do earn some extra upvotes as a result of better-quality posts. Finally, I earn additional rewards by staking my LEO.

I currently have 439.476 LEO staked. That earns me an additional 4 percent rewards on my delegated HP. As you can see from the below screenshot, my currently expected LEO earnings from staking in June is 11.701 LEO. The cool thing about LEO staking rewards is that they payout daily.

The 16 percent APR on delegation is the highest possible APR. The value of my LEO holdings on the last day of May was $33.07.

Actifit (AFIT)

Through Actifit, I earn AFIT rewards just for performing everyday activities like walking. I try to hit 5,000 Activity Points each day. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I don't. When I do, I post my Actifit activity through the Actifit app, which earns me AFIT as well as HIVE and HBD.

My current AFIT earnings amount to 2,805.536. I have no way of knowing how much that is worth, but it isn't much.

I also have a delegation of 302.14 HP to Actifit, which earns me additional rewards through the app.

Other Layer-2 tokens

In addition to these three layer-2 tokens, I've earned several other tokens on the Hive blockchain. In fact, I currently hold 68 tokens. Most of them aren't worth much.

The layer-2 token with the highest value is LEO. After that, WAIV, which has a USD value of $8.581. I currently have less than 200 WAIV in my account.

Of all the tokens I possess, only 4 of them have a value of more than $1. All 4 of them have a value over $2. The next-highest-valued token I have is NEOXAG, which is worth $0.653. I have more than 2,000 NEOXAG tokens. It's one of my favorite tokens simply because the Hive user Neoxian has built a community around his persona, a concept I am considering for myself.

The total value of all of my Hive layer-2 tokens at the end of May was $49.107 USD.

Total May Earnings

When I add up the total value of earnings on the social media platforms for May 2024, it comes to $54.88569989. That does not include the Hive layer-2 tokens.

At the end of April, the value of my Hive layer-2 tokens was $45.167 USD. That means, the total value of Hive layer-2 tokens I earned for May (including LEO but not Ecency Points) was $3.94.

My total earnings for May 2024 was $58.82569989.

Total earnings for May (rounded down) = $58.82

That's the end of this month's report. The question on my mind is, if I focused solely on Paragraph and Hive, could I impact these earnings for the positive? That's my thought to ponder this month.

In my wanderings, I've found more than 180 different Web3 social media platforms. For the most comprehensive list of Web3 social media platforms anywhere, click here. You won't find this list anywhere else.

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