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Web3 Wednesday: LinksDAO Buys Golf Course

Coinbase Wallet vulnerable to red pill attacks

Coinbase Wallet is vulnerable to red pill attacks, says ZenGo Wallet. Coinbase used ChatGPT to review token security and this is what they found.

LinksDAO to buy Scottish golf course. A historic moment in DAO culture.

Gala Games sues pNetwork over private key leak.

Marketplaces vie for Bitcoin Ordinals dominance.

A federal judge dismisses Quantum artwork lawsuit concerning ownership rules. This is interesting because this is the sort of case I’d expect the courts to handle. In this particular case, it appears that blockchain technology inherently protects intellectual property rights.

Source: Kevin McCoy via The New York Times

Over the weekend, former President Donald Trump announced that he expected to get arrested on Tuesday (yesterday). Now it’s Wednesday and the Trumpster’s NFT collection prices are soaring. What’s interesting about this is, first, one day after his supposed arrest, he still hasn’t been arrested. When he made his announcement, he asked his supporters to protest. Well, I guess they heard his plea. Instead of picketing Pennsylvania Avenue, they’re buying his NFTs and driving up prices. Some protest. Sounds to me like a celebration.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has subpoenaed Sushi DAO and its head chef.

Headline DAO is funding crypto journalism in a unique way. The DAO put out a request for content and has received 28 proposals thus far. They’re only funding five of them. Disclosure: One of them is mine.

How protocol permissions impact ownership rights in Web3. This is a MUST-READ. Personally, I blame the problem identified on proof-of-stake blockchains, which are fundamentally not as decentralized as proof-of-work blockchains. There is always a trade-off in values when you choose your consensus mechanism and your permissions. These need to be well thought out, across the board.

Neal Stephenson, the creator of the literary metaverse, says the problems of Web3 are caused by people wanting to financialize their technology too fast. Smart guy. He’s right. Slow down, devs, slow down.

tomi DAO has raised $40 million for a surveillance-free internet.

Comedians are trying to make the metaverse safe for jokes, but there’s a major rebellion going on. Is Horizon Worlds quiet quitting? Why museums are curating content in the metaverse.

6 types of smart contracts platforms. How smart contracts are tested.

The IRS is looking for feedback on NFTs. The public comment period is on.

10 From Web3 Social

Publish0x: PVM powers his content with CoinGecko candy.

Cent Pages: Wordler Vignettes poetically says it isn’t easy being green. It’s okay though. You can still have a cigar.

Torum: The JMan plugs Escape from Alcatraz.

Mirror: Only 3 left to mint at Mirror. OddWritings shares what it’s like to mint the same poem on multiple blockchains. I like this essay by OddWritings because it discusses the ethics of minting on multiple blockchains with varying values in the mints. Some excellent thoughts.

Readl: Web3 Social can be minted for only 1 MATIC at Readl. Be sure to check out all the other literary NFTs entered into the #InktoMint contest at Readl.

Hive: @yidneth celebrates the vernal equinox with photography and music.

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