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Picture yourself predicting the two forks of the internet

Highlights from part 2 of Peter Pan's Before Bitcoin series

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I hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday evening 😎

In case you missed it, yesterday I made a "cypherpunk mafia" list of 21 brilliant minds that secured the internet. Without them, the internet would never have evolved the way it has in the last 3 decades.

You can check the post out here!

Today at a Glance

Today, I spent the majority of the day wrapping up furniture building, throwing out boxes, doing groceries, etc.

I'm starting this daily post pretty late so I'm going to do a different format today.

On my newsletter from a few days ago covering public key cryptography, Peter shared a link to his "Before Bitcoin" series he wrote up a few years ago.

The series is extremely thorough and split up into 4 parts:

  1. Public Key Saga

  2. The origins of decentralized systems and their need

  3. Cryptowars

  4. New millenium

For the post below, I am going to share my highlights and learnings from part 2, a 17 minute read on the origins of decentralization. It is primarily focused on David Chaum and his work for decentralization and anonymous transactions.

"Chaum was one of the people who knew where the World was going. He understood things that others didn’t. Deciding to focus on building a company (DigiCash), he would leave behind seeds that would ultimately bloom into the 90s cypherpunk movement."

- Peter

Let's dive in 🚀

The origins of decentralized systems and their need

  • What is the traffic analysis problem?

How do do you keep secret the knowledge of who converses with who and when they converse?

  • What is a Mix network? Used in Tor & Monero

  • Untraceable Payments

  • Patent 4529870

  • Chaum's initial view on decentralization

    after having looked over his work and how he presents the concept of decentralization, I personally don’t think he understood the magnitude and importance of them at that time. -Peter

  • Prescient View

  • What is cryptography?

  • Never too late

  • Forming DigiCash

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