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AI: A Cybernetic Appendage

Worldview Ethics moves forward along with many other Web3 projects!

Exciting times, everyone! We have a slew of updates today. I want to start with a bit of bragging about the PageDAO community. Whatever the bear market threw at us, however cranky or upset we got, we stuck together and kept trying. It never got too late to push a little harder.


Recently we've wrapped up a sprint with a consultant in which we determined a way forward, out of the morass in which we have languished the past year or so. I don't have details yet about what will happen next, but I wanted the world to know it feels good again. Shoutouts are due to CD Vagobond, Indefatigable, Rionna Morgan, Greg Fishbone, and all the other honeybadgers who just kept building no matter how low the markets fell or what kind of part-time job they had to pick up.

Building technology is not easy, but it does seem to be possible! With all of the insights learned and all of the feedback received over the past two years, we are now moving forward with an overhaul that will set PageDAO apart.

We've also been working with partners on a variety of writings, including both MoonlingsNFT and The Quest of Evolution, as well as Slingshot DAO and others. This quick update will announce two pieces I've put together with Quest of Evolution and share the hype about the Moonlings who have infiltrated the hearts of the PageDAO community.

The American Arcade

The Watering Hole was conceived of as a lighter Quest of Evolution product, featuring shorter and more topical conversations. I was given one of the first Watering Hole NFTs and asked to contribute to it, which I did.

Find my 150-word piece about "The American Arcade" here:

In the piece, I tried to capture the vibe of American politics today. People remember well the absurdity of the Trump presidency and don't want to go back there, but we also remember the pattern that led to the Third Reich (economic downturn etc), and want to avoid it. So there's this sense in which the very people who speak the loudest about politics are the least confident in the direction things are headed, which is a bit unusual because it defies single narrative lots of us were used to before it shattered about ten or twenty years ago.

Now, having passed through the post-truth age, we're approaching a multi-truth time. China and Russia and other nations that wish for an alternative to American hegemony are pushing one set of narratives, and the US & its allies are pushing another set. Things feel uncertain with the war in Ukraine, and the joke seems a little stale.

If you'd like to brave the risks and join the conversation, do so by making a bid or by purchasing the NFT here:

Once you have the NFT in your wallet, you can add up to 150 words to "The American Arcade." The goal is to keep it light, but in today's political climate it also seems important to be very respectful.

AI: A Cybernetic Appendage

Essay 4 from the Worldview Ethics series is also now available! You can read it here:

This essay was a bit of fun to write. In it, I attempted to give a bit more clarity to my process in choosing the name Gödel-completeness to describe self-justifying systems. It's a little funny to me that simply saying "alive" doesn't quite cut it. We're looking to use our language to make linguistic comparisons between things which language is very good at representing and things which are much harder to do justice to, linguistically.

I made an effort to characterize Google and OpenAI products as appendages for our minds, like extra, plug-in arms or legs, in an attempt to further ground the core critique of the AI Doomer movement that has characterized this project since Essay 1. The Worldview Ethics book will likely not be as concerned with AI or LLMs in particular as the essays have been, but progress has been a bit slow between the day job and all the growth happening at PageDAO.

By the way, if you're a publisher or an agent and you're seeing this and wondering who I'm going to publish with, I do have an answer to that but it is still possible that you could be of assistance. So please, feel free to reach out to me via Twitter or email and we can figure out whether a partnership can be of mutual benefit or not.

Book Review Series

We also now have a Book Review Series we're using to get a look inside the background upon which Worldview Ethics is being constructed. Every two or three weeks, I'll be releasing an additional review. If you'd like to follow along, write reviews in dialogue with my reviews, read the books in order as we go, or otherwise participate, feel free to get in touch! I'm on Twitter and Warpcast these days and I love to discuss this project on social media so feel free to @ me.


Last but certainly not least, we have a Spaces coming up shortly in which Rionna Morgan will ask me some questions and the audience will be invited to participate. Get @ us here:

I think that's a wrap for the moment, but wow things are sure moving fast these days. In a couple of weeks we should have a new Book Review and in a month a new Quest of Evolution essay.

Moonlings NFT

It wouldn't be a complete newsletter if I didn't shout out the Moonlings NFT community, which has taken PageDAO by storm. Find your favorite PageDAO writers creating lore alongside the rest of the Moonlings NFT community on Twitter and in Discord! Moonlings is also hosting a Moonlympics series of competitions and have joined Avenue, so the future is wide open.