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Essay #2 Is Now Available Via Rarible

Never let the setbacks win.

It has been a bumpy ride lately! I had an attacker break into my Chrome profile and steal a bunch of browser cookies, causing years of neglected opsec to suddenly become my top priority. OpenSea has inexplicably been banning the Worldview Ethics series NFTs for vague violations of their ToS (hint: it isn't in violation!), which has caused setbacks with the project, and I've recently taken up a day job working at a country club on the grounds crew.

Overall, things are great! There is almost never a dull moment, though I do get enough of those to sleep through.

Today the biggest highlight is that Andrew Nocker, founder and team leader at Quest of Evolution, has managed to innovate his way around the hurdles placed before our project here by OpenSea in not allowing the NFT assets to be listed. The second token of the series is called "Toward a Metabolic Theory of Consciousness" and the essay is available to read or contribute to via the Quest of Evolution website here:

Note the soundtrack! I am indebted to the QoE team for their ingenuity and creativity in bringing these musical accompaniments to the project. I am looking forward with great anticipation to continuing to work with Andrew and all the rest as we move forward with the project here.


The plan is simple: list the asset at 500 $MATIC, with a duration of seven days and NO RESERVE. This means that ANY BID could potentially win, or someone, if they like, may swoop in and pick it up for the full asking price.

The inspiration for this mechanism was twofold: eBay used to offer a Buy-It-Now price feature that paired nicely with offers made by users, and the Rarible marketplace enables offers to be made on items listed for sale.

If you're a fan of what you're seeing with these essays and you'd like to contribute (shoutout to OddWritings for being the first!) then you can find the new NFT at Rarible:

The project continues as soon as this auction is finalized with Essay #3, so be sure to stay tuned! Something tells me things are heating up in Web3 again, at last.



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