My unhinged night of utter degeneracy

Sitecoins, memecoins, and... bookcoins?!

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## The Backstory
It all started about a month ago, when my professor at TTU approached me, asking what the heck an API was. Here we are, a month later, and I've trained a pretty solid context model into a local Claude3 instance and used that to enter a hackathon with another dev, Jonny Johnson of Dialogues AI, and NFT Joe of UNDRGRND. Rionna Morgan and Robbie Pollock of PageDAO Core Team rounded out our team. Deploy on Degen Week was a blast and a half, and it was a lot of fun building a dev project with Jonny.

Jonny's indexing dApp turned out to be an extremely powerful tool, which you can see on github here: (hint: if you're looking to do an airdrop, this is not a bad place to start! it lets you compile lists of EVM chain addresses and export CSVs of them easily!). I had some pie-in-the-sky dreams at the beginning of the week but gradually cut more and more scope. The final day felt like limbo, though! We had to scrap the on-Frame minting button we had been hoping to squeeze in.

We let things really get down to the wire and almost didn't get our submission in in time, but two remarkable things happened during the pressure interval: 1. I spontaneously built an IPFS-based mint site on a static HTML document (which I haven't seen before, at least in the context of a mint button!), just to be sure the contract could be minted so we could blast it and try to get some users and 2. in the rush, I made a few mistakes!

Never fear, though, dear reader. The NFTs are for free and the strange accident of my ERC-20 Raffle Ticket mint won't cost anyone any money! When we do smart contract development work, it pays to be slow and methodical - anything new needs to be tested a lot.

Where is all of this going, you ask? You were hoping for more unhinged degeneracy? Well, let's get right to that part, then.

## The Unhinged Night Of Utter Degeneracy

In late 2019, a friend of mine shared a post to a slack channel that said the phrase "Ethereum use cases" and had a link to Cent--I was onboarded immediately and completely and totally hooked.

A year later, the founder of Cent bought Bring Back Satire on Ethereum Mainnet and was promptly rugged by Cargo, when they went under. Almost immediately thereafter, Jack Dorsey's first tweet was sold by Valuables, a Cent project. Six months after that, PageDAO was founded. Six months later, Readme Books was born.

The bear market set in, after that, and a depressingly slow 18-month build session took the PageDAO team through ups and downs. We met with consultants, we pioneered new technologies people just couldn't quite be interested enough in to make a market, we experimented, we made partnerships. And then, at the beginning of this year, we got $PAGE listed on Osmosis and had our first interesting DeFi experience as a DAO.

But, dear reader, what led me to Deploy on Degen week was a sense that tremendous opportunity was brewing in the EVM-based ecosystem again, and as we hacked away all week, we learned a good deal about the current state of affairs.

None of it prepared me for what happened yesterday, on World Book Day, no less! Yesterday Cent released, in my opinion, BY FAR their most impressive technology effort to date.

The setup appears to be a suite of complementary applications, including and - Cent always did have a way with a short and clever URL! is a fascinating memecoin factory fronted by a coin called $YOYO that is tied to the application, in which users buy websites via bonding curve on the Base blockchain. When users buy into the websites' sitecoins, a small fee goes into the liquidity curve of $YOYO, creating a value capture mechanism, on a bonding curve.

Every memecoin issued at is on a bonding curve against $ETH, which makes a lot of sense because $ETH is a great asset to have exposure to at scale in many ways. My utter degeneracy involved creating a variety of memecoins and LPing them against one another. I also baked a book into one. And I dumped about fifty websites into - just to see what would happen! The bull market is a-brewing, Web3 fam, and we're gonna see some really amazing technical lifts this cycle.

The most unexpected part of that is how small the effort to have these outsize impacts is getting. Let's take a tour through some of the things I threw together so you can get a feel for what and do, as well as why I feel like and Readme Books are a match made in heaven.

## A Guided Tour

Exhibit A: my newly-overstuffed metamask wallet

Minting memecoins and sitecoins all night long was a fairly wild ride. The most fun part was creating the liquidity pools on Uniswap V2 for them, though. I like liquidity pools.

Here are the 2 notable LPs I put up:

First, and deepest, Wippy vs BringBackSatire. 2 classic PageDAO memes. Got another? It costs $.15 to LP your coin against these, and I think if we mesh them together like that, we could start to see interesting network effects.



$PAGEDAO.ORG vs $WIPPY: $WIPPY is less expensive as an experimental tension

$PAGEDAO.ORG vs $WIPPY: $WIPPY is less expensive as an experimental tension

Now, the contract addresses for these tokens are very important because these pools are tiny and you can't really do much in the way of swapping between them if you don't have the addresses to import. Here they are.

$BringBackSatire: 0xB08c87c47f25d3AA531FC1c12d7C92Fcc02C0861 (BASE)

$WIPPY: 0xdE1D9A62A7425582Df4Db9b8b7AbC37eBa45DFeF

$PageDAO.Org: 0x01C4993B2bc77F2c5f94079B4D4c319C4AbbE33d

## BringBackSatire: A Book on Memecoin Rails?!

If you follow my twitter, there's a great chance you've seen me loudly exclaiming about elements of this stuff all night, but just in case this didn't sink in:

That's right! It's a Bring Back Satire URI that's tied to a memecoin on a bonding curve. Everyone can read the book for free, I picked up some of the tokens once it was live, and I believe I get a little bit of $ETH every time anyone transacts $BringBackSatire!

that's right! is currently topping the list at! 

that's right! is currently topping the list at!

I'm gonna have to stop writing now so I can go to sleep, but I hope you've enjoyed this article as much as I'm enjoying the feverish pace with which new products of amazing calibre are being released in Web3 all of a sudden!

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