Philosophy Meets Web3!

For real, in the wild, even on a Twitter Spaces!

Hey everyone, I wanted to write a quick update because I'm going to be away from my computer for a bit. Finally, it will be time to decompress, just as soon as I've finished typing this message!

We have quite a bit of ground to cover. The main things that seem to have the most traction right now are the Worldview Ethics project and the Web3 Book Metadata Standard Group. If you're not following closely, Worldview Ethics is my life's work philosophy project and the WBSG is a rather extraordinary group of 30 or so people from all walks of life and technology backgrounds who want a standard public good platform for books.


In WBSG, we've been taking things easier for a few weeks, ever since NFTNYC. But that doesn't mean the gears have ground to a halt. The first few frenzied weeks of the group brought together more CTOs than I've ever seen on a single phone call, which I took to be a very good sign. Since then, we've identified a number of problems and possible value propositions to develop toward and I'm thrilled to say I managed to hack together a (very) basic implementation of something like a scaffold that could be used to build the Standard we've decided to build.

The high point here is that we're still very early days, but now we have a new tool to use to display books and to import books from around the internet into a database. More on that when I'm back from vacation and up to speed.

Worldview Ethics

Worldview Ethics has also had a new essay release today! Read it here:

The UI is a treat and everyone is excited to see what happens once a few of these essays have been pinging around getting contributed to by different people. I'm working on finding folks from the cognitive science field who would be interested, so feel free to share the link and/or forward this newsletter to folks who may be interested!

What makes Worldview Ethics so special is the moment that we find ourselves in the middle of today. We have AI coming up quick, we have blockchains enabling trustless interactions, and we have just about everything we need to have in place to start seeing some next-generation technologies begin to emerge and disrupt at scale.

It's an exciting time, and people are enthusiastically contributing to the conversation around Worldview Ethics. We had a good time on the Web3 Writer's Hour over on Twitter Spaces earlier today, (KHD did a great job reading a poem in the rain, too!) feel free to have a listen if you like:

Final Thoughts

Here's a handy link to the Worldview Ethics collection, available on OpenSea:

Shout-outs are due to OddWritings for supporting the Worldview Ethics project by going the distance to win the first auction and become the first contributor! Go to his NFT on OpenSea and you'll be able to click the link in the description to follow along as his contribution goes live and he starts the next auction for the NFT!

It's an incredible journey here in Web3 and there are so many exciting things afoot that we couldn't cover them all in one email even if it seemed like a good idea to try.

I'm feeling a lot of gratitude, and I appreciate everyone who keeps up with my work by reading these little updates. It'll be a while before the next update, but things feel good - I'm excited to see what's on the other side of this bear market buidl session.