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I hope everyone is having a great day. I know I sure am! I've just released "Determined, or Not?" - a deep philosophical critique of Stanford's own Dr. Robert Sapolsky's recently released book, Determined.

For this project, as popular as this vein of philosophical thinking is, the time seems right to introduce the DePhil Dialectic Hour podcast I'm working with Vagobond Magazine to produce. We'll be recording via Twitter Spaces on Friday, November 3, at 3pm EST - so drop by if you're free! You can even get heard on the show if you have thoughts to share about the subject. I'd recommend reading the essay first, but we should cover things in a way that will be accessible even if you don't. Also, I want to shout out CD Damitio for supplying the drive and motivation to make this happen now, instead of talking about it another few months. Good friends are an indispensable part of a happy life and I'm really happy to have so many wonderful people around me these days.

Here's the Twitter link, so set your reminder if you want to join us!

I argue that Determined is not the right way to think about minds, bodies, and actions. Instead, we should emphasize the cognitive approach and come up with a way of thinking about what we are and what we can do that isn't couched in age-old ideas such as subject/object dualism. It's far better if we update our basic framework to include discoveries from the past fifty years of science, and accept that dualism is defeated for good.

Read the review here, thanks to!

I'll be putting out three more pieces during November, so keep an eye peeled for the email updates I'll send out as each one goes to press.



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