Worldview Ethics Essay #3 Goes Live!

We have a new discussion of consciousness you can join.

Many thanks go out to the wonderful team at The Quest of Evolution for first supporting a project and then going above and beyond to support an author (me!) on a live + recorded Twitter Spaces earlier today.

The Spaces can be found here:

Our goal with the first-ever Worldview Ethics live public discussion was to cover a lot of ground and get up to speed with regard to the project overall. Alex did a great job of getting good takes and Bob stepped up to the plate and provided a few intriguing avenues for discussion.

Primarily, listeners will find a quick and dirty high level overview of the subject - what the author is doing by writing this way, where the project could fit into the overarching philosophical canon today, and how readers can get involved and participate in building the best lens through which to view the book's subject - all presented in a series of six topical essays delving into moral philosophy and the science of consciousness.

This project is made possible by the technology created by the team at The Quest Of Evolution, and I know you're probably ready to get a look at the essay so here is the official link:

As usual, thanks must go out to Andrew Nox for another insightful and provocative sound track, and to Midjourney & the QoE team for a wonderful cover image.

The newest member of the collection on Rarible is now live, and the Essay 3 NFT has been listed at the low price of 200 $MATIC to purchase immediately, or the highest bid may take it in 7 days. I am excited to see the project develop, and I want to remind the reader that one may contribute to the work as seen above by adding up to 3,000 words in response, support, or expansion, in any form that is desirable. This is a community project, built on the Polygon blockchain.

Find How Conscious Thinking & AI Differ: Gödel-Completeness on Rarible here:

A few more thoughts:

During the Spaces, Bob brought up the excellent point that Gödel-completeness already refers to something. I'm a big believer in stipulative definitions, which basically entails using words on an agreed-upon basis, which in this case is more similar to "alive" in character than to the hard logic focus of the original Gödel Completeness Theorem ( ).

With respect to the Wikipedia page's above description of Gödel's Completeness Theorem, we're doing operations to determine the consistency of theorems of a language, in the language. A malformed statement can scarcely be held to have truth value. If we're doing logic in a Gödel-complete way, we're practicing deduction with care, and the conclusion must follow from the premises - but again, I just like to use the Gödel language as a signpost to describe the limits of language, so from the starting point the concepts morph and bend a bit as I lever things around with them.

The insight from today's Spaces with respect to the title of the essay here, which is perhaps an issue with my naming convention, is that the term Gödel-complete is, in my work, used to describe non-linguistic systems such as the embodied mind and/or enactive complexes such as people or animals.

The effort here, on my part, is to push us toward language we use to discuss the mind's relationship to the external world and/or people we find there, whereas the original Completeness Theorem in fact is still about logic and systems of language par excellence. As long as we keep that thought straight, it should work fine, but I could certainly see how this might be a bit difficult to keep track of. Maybe we need to come up with a new word that won't be quite as confusing, and perhaps someone will submit a contribution on-chain to suggest the an idea the community will like. It is wonderful to see a use-case for the experimental publishing tool Quest of Evolution have provided us!

If you're interested in getting a deeper dive on the Gödelian lines of reasoning and my fascination with pushing them directions their inventor did not, you can find Formal Dialectics in NFT form here, courtesy of Indefatigable and my friends at PageDAO. (this is v2 beta PageDAO technology!!!):

We may have the next essay ready for the presses in about a month's time, so be ready for Worldview Ethics Part 4. Essays 1 and 2 have sold and we have seen one contribution thus far, so keep an eye out for the next addition to the project! It could come any time. It is lovely to see the project catching as much interest as it is, so keep your eyes peeled - we're halfway there, and only just getting started.

As always, thank you for following, supporting, and contributing to my work!

T. Dylan Daniel

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