Worldview Ethics + Web3 Books Standard Group Updates

We got a bid! Shoutout to @OddWritings, thank you for your support!

Good evening everyone, thanks for following the newsletter here. This one is full of positivity: we have a bid on the new 1/1 NFT that I launched Monday with Quest of Evolution! Go put your bid in via OpenSea if you want to, you will have until noon EST Friday, May 5 and at that point the winning bid will be accepted. If you win the auction, feel free to reach out to me via email, discord, twitter, or telegram. Find my contact info at if necessary, I'm happy to provide any support you need to create an excellent contribution to the first Sparkverse. This is my most expensive NFT project ever, so we are making history in a variety of ways with the project and I could scarcely be more excited.

In addition to the Worldview Ethics project, this week has also had some interesting progress taking shape on the development front with the Web3 Books Standards Group. We've got a functioning (butt ugly) application you can view at if you feel inclined to follow our progress with it. The general idea is to build a powerful Web2+Web3 content index layer for books, and again if you're interested in this and want to learn more feel free to pluck my contact information from my Cent page and reach out.

Finally, the PageDAO Show has decided to take a break. CD is doing his summertime thing and Rionna is out traveling the world and I'm still just a-grinding away on these high tech projects of mine and dancing for rain as it were.

Once again, thank you for subscribing! If you haven't seen Worldview Ethics on OpenSea yet, go to OpenSea and have a look. If you're in the PageDAO, you can earn 1000 $PAGE tokens by liking the asset and making a quick tweet about it. Let's get the word out and build a quality vehicle for science in Web3, people. Next auction will begin at ZERO, so be sure to be watching when the drop gets announced.



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