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TestingCatalog #199

Loads of things happened since last year and it was a very long break for me ๐Ÿซ  War in Ukraine and a busier schedule, in general, made me unable to publish consistently. I am slowly starting again, trying to keep up with all the new tech that appeared during all this time. This newsletter is not written by ChatGPT but I got a plus subscription and testing it a lot these days. For example, on this note, I've started a Twitter thread about building a TestingCatalog publication in public where ChatGPT will help me with some governance decision-making.

I also had to shrink the list of apps that I will be covering but it will expand back at some point.

Why does ICYMI have a new look and URL? Revue (a newsletter platform I've used before) got killed by Elon Musk so I had to find a new one. I've chosen Paragraph as it supports token gating and does not require a Stripe connection. Read more about TestingCatalog project at the end ๐Ÿ‘‡

What's new?

  1. ChatGPT opened a waitlist signup for its plugin marketplace. There you would be able to connect different plugins in order to enhance ChatGPT capabilities. It would be able to order food for you, browse the internet from your browser and more. This is simply a revolutionary moment for the way how we interact with the digital world. Plugins will be a new app store and over there you will be able to find a lot of new products and user experiences. This feature is not yet available to everyone regardless if you are a Plus subscriber or not.

  2. Mirror launches the "Subscribe to mint" feature in early access for Mirror Genesis NFT holders. is a web3 alternative to Medium where writers and bloggers can now create NFT minting pages. This feature in particular would make those pages only available to publication subscribers. I am planning to create one in the nearby future as well.

  3. Notion 2.22 Release: Buttons, Embedded Content, and New Page Icons. If you are a heavy Notion user as well, you can make your workflow even more productive by adding buttons to your pages that would automate the addition of new blocks after you click on them.

Tier One Changelog

This is a list of apps which I am testing myself and using on a daily basis and will be able to cover their new features even when I am short on capacity. It will be useful to writers, bloggers, content creators, DAO builders and many more.







Early Access

I often sign up for waitlists and this section is just about it. If you are interested to get early access to new upcoming products and features, check it out.


Web3 remains to be one of the emerging fields where loads of new products are being built. Here you can find info about NFTs, marketplaces, wallet apps and many more.

I want to start with these 3 sections that I would aim to maintain as long as it would make sense but I am not following "Android apps" and "Social apps" for now.

In general, the strategy for TestingCatalog publication at this moment is the following.

  1. Build in public with ChatGPT, following the #HastleGPT movement (check it on Twitter).

  2. Open up a Discord server for TestingCatalog.

  3. Build a DAO behind the news publication.

  4. Attract writers who will be willing to contribute to the project and participate in its governance.

Stay tuned! ๐Ÿ™Œ

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