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January Recap

Hello, Tutti Awesome Fam.

January was another month filled with purpose and passion at Tutti Frutti Women as we dedicated our efforts to raise awareness about cervical cancer. Our commitment to education, support, and community engagement shone through various initiatives, creating a positive impact that resonated far and wide.

  1. Cervical Cancer Awareness: Empowering Knowledge

We commenced the month with information packed newsletters solely focused on cervical cancer awareness. The newsletter delved into crucial topics, such as early detection methods, risk factors, and the significance of regular screenings. Our aim was not just to disseminate information but to empower our community with knowledge that could potentially save lives.

As the month progressed, we took a holistic approach in another newsletter, exploring the intersection of wellness and cervical health. The mind-body connection, nutrition tips, and overall holistic well-being were spotlighted as essential components in the journey to combat cervical cancer.

2. Community Awareness Thursdays: A Collective Effort

Every Thursday became a dedicated platform for our community to come together and raise awareness about cancer. The engagement was heartening, with fruitful discussions, red flags, prevention tips and a palpable sense of unity. The Tutti Fam's commitment to making a difference was inspiring.

The Tutti fam showcased its brilliance in a trivia quiz on Discord, and we had three outstanding winners! Kudos to everyone for nailing it and making learning such a fruity nice experience.

3. Frutti Star of the Week: Pazu's Shining Contribution

Acknowledging the efforts of our community members is a tradition we cherish. This month, we applaud Pazu, our Frutti Star of the Week. Pazu's consistent dedication to spreading awareness and offering support in the community has not gone unnoticed. A round of applause for Pazu's impactful contributions!

  1. Tutti Frutti Women on Shibarium

In an exhilarating move, Tutti Frutti Women took flight into the world of Shibarium. The launch was met with an overwhelming response from the Shiba Army and our Tutti Fam. At the time of writing, we've successfully minted 35 out of the 5,000 NFTs available.

This decision is not only about expanding our reach within the Shiba Inu fam but also about bolstering our own mission: empowering cancer warriors and raising cancer awareness. It’s an opportunity for more like-minded people to join our cause, amplifying the strength of our collective impact.

  1. Tutti Frutti Women's Fresh Moves: Updates

Tutti Frutti Women is on the move, and we're excited to share some quick updates that enhance our journey and deepen our impact:

1. Shibarium Boost: Fueling the Shiba Ecosystem

  • Now, with every 100 mints on Shibarium, we're contributing with a 1% burn in $SHIB. It's our way of actively participating in and supporting the Shiba ecosystem.

2. Warrior Support at the Core: 5% for Cancer Warriors

  • We're proud to allocate 5% of proceeds from every 100 mints to support a cancer warrior with each milestone achieved. It's more than a commitment; it's a tangible step towards making a difference in the lives of those facing cancer.

Meet David: A Warrior We've Already Backed

  • We've taken action! We've supported David, a resilient cancer warrior, by purchasing his NFT for 0.05 ETH on Foundation. Explore David's story and artistic contributions – a testament to the real impact our community can make.

And much more. Read here:

  1. A Quick Look at February's Cancer Awareness

Tutti Frutti Women continues its journey, and in February, we're turning our spotlight on cancer awareness. Here's a quick overview of what's happening in the world of cancer research, significant days, and our commitment to making a positive impact:

February Cancer Awareness: A Global Focus

  • In February, the global community unites to raise awareness about various cancers and highlight significant days dedicated to the cause.

Important Days in February:

  1. World Cancer Day (February 4, 2024): A global initiative to raise awareness and take action against cancer.

  2. International Childhood Cancer Day (February 15, 2024): Advocating for childhood cancer awareness, research, and support.

  3. Rare Disease Day (February 28, 2024): While not exclusively focused on cancer, this day raises awareness about rare diseases, including rare cancers.

Gallbladder and Bile Duct Cancer Awareness Month:

  • Throughout February, we stand in solidarity with the global effort to raise awareness about gallbladder and bile duct cancers.

  1. Healthy Bites with L2F: Pea Soup & Balanced Plates

Time for a dose of healthy goodness! Thanks to our pals at Love 2 Food (L2F), this week is all about a cozy vegan pea soup and mastering the art of building a balanced plate. Let's keep it simple, delicious, and nourishing together.

Vegan pea soup
Balanced Plate

Let L2F be your guide in making mindful and delicious choices that align with our commitment to promoting a holistic and healthy lifestyle. Stay tuned for weekly inspirations, culinary delights, and the joy of embracing wellness one recipe at a time.

As we wrap up this edition, we want to express our gratitude for your continued support.

Every action counts, and together, we can create a world where awareness, support, and positivity thrive.

Until next time, let's continue to thrive together!

Don't forget to mint a brave Tutti Frutti Women warrior and support our mission to make a fruity impact!

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