The TGIDigest: Week of 1/16/23

🌎 Doodles is here to color our worlds. It is here to inspire us all to reconnect with our inner-child. To remind us we can do anything with the power of our imagination.

Official News

🌈Doodles 2 Leak

  • Burnt Toast leaked a full Doodles 2 with purple long hair with the rainbow sleeve shirt, cloud + rainbow pants, and high-top Chuck Dooplors.

  • We also see 3 wearable inventory slots: torso, legs, feet.

🌈 New Hire

  • Doodles welcomed Austin Hurwitz as the new Head of Business Development on Monday! Austin also recently switched to his grail coffee head pfp. ☕️ Super stoked to have someone of his stature join the already all-star lineup!

  • The news was published in an article on Luckytrader as well!

Team Action + Speculation


  • We are NOT ready. Word on the street: Holo bobs do it better, NFA.

👀Alexis Ohanian

  • Spoke on CNBC about how he sees NFTS providing stakes of ownership as early collectibles in web3. He used an example of holding a Doodle could be seen, through a web 2 cultural lens, akin to owning early drawings of Mickey Mouse for Disney, besides being completely digital.

👀Alfie Motion

  • Coming in hot with a holographic looping animation of flipping doopy matter.

  • Less than 24 hours later Reyez came in with the audio track to pair.


  • Swept 24 noodles on Wednesday. Probably Noodthing 👀

  • He also switched to a new pfp showcasing his army cat as a companion. v cute.


  • Out at a Chicago Bull game rocking a Doodles dad hat and hanging with Magic Johnson.

👀Golden Wolf Acquisition?

  • Art Dood has done some sleuthing via Instagram, the team size corroborates Poopie's tmas & bunny's twitter spaces growth from 20 something to 55. This is purely speculation! All we can say is that if he's right, Art Dood said it first.

Community Spaces/Threads + Perspectives

📢Dunked Cookie

  • States that the key to content creation is: consistency.

📢Gary Vee

  • Came and vibed in discord, did not sweep, and Doodles did not go to zero.

  • toro: gib receipts.

  • gary v: i like the doodles, no 🧢


  • Asks: Does the success of Doodles 2 translate to increased prices for OG Doodles.


  • Doodles 2.0 Dooplicator Theory

  • Very Common: 3 wearables, Common: 4, Rare: 5


  • Sharing the strength of his belief in the Doodles team provides a high level take on how impactful the times we are in will revolutionize the future of consumer culture.


  • Wrote a thread showing the parallels between Doodles and Pokemon. One important point to note is dpeng see the possibility for mass appeal in Asia as they were the proponents of the success of companies like Pokemon.

Trait Sub-community News

🧩Fin's Beach Bar

  • Over 10k drinks minted!

  • Beginning of the 4th week of Fin's update!

🧩Building Doods Chat

  • Pokestash has created a group chat for buildoors, comment on this tweet if you've got some stuff going on with your Doodles IP!

Doodlebank Proposals

🐷TGID Funding + Growth

  • Final Snapshot Vote goes live January 27th

  • Ask: 9.99 ETH to fund out team and growth strategy for 4 months. Quorum is 5% aka 500 votes.

  • We will run weekly TGID News Spaces, Publish our TGIDigest, introduce TMID (This Month in Doodles) twitter videos, and refine our core products.

Lore + Artwork

🎨 Zebraa

  • Puffy whipped cream style Doodles derivative fresh of the boat for Tom's captain dood!

🎨Galactic Repairman

  • Made a collage of each of the 100 frames of the genesis box animation.

  • Made a checks vv derivative with randomly generated note faces!


  • Giving some fresh air to Doodles vault is the web 3 version of squeezing a stress ball.


  • Illustrated and animated "Dood Where's my Ship?" Episode 9 for Mr.G!

🎨NFT Goats

  • Was one of the lucky 12 hole-in-one winners of a Doodle from DoodlePutt! Congratulations and welcome to the Doodleverse! 🐐


  • Illustrated Julian, Scott, Evan, and Jordan on mopeds!

  • Also drew a new GM graphic of himself and Adam Hustle in a new sketch style that we haven't seen from JJ yet. It gives slight anime vibes and we are totally here to see if it sticks around or lives as a one off.

🎨Mr. G

  • Dood Where's my Ship Finale! ITS A PINK BIRB!


  • Tracking rare sales: Coffee Head for just under 30 ETH


  • The Doodle Stories Episode 6 - Ultrapara!


  • Checks vv derivative of the top 80 most active doodlers in Doodles discord server!

  • Eric released the piece as a free claim open edition for 48 hours.

🎨Art Dood

  • Fire in the hole, this is the story of pawky taking a poopie. Complete with the TGID newspaper and all! Action packed, incredible lore building. Wonder what he ate?

  • Put 12 of the commissions he made on his Journey 2 a Doodle on-chain and airdropped them to his supporters!

  • He also released Chapter 3 of the Advetures of Art Dood, Burnt Toast has entered the chatroom.


  • Made a comic of their Doodle creating new hats, combinations between the wizzy hat, white bucket, and dad cap!

  • From comics to IRL real quick!

  • ANDDDDD stickers too!

🎨Vinnie Hager

  • Coloring the world with Joy -_-. Will we see Vinnie Hager x Doodles 2 wearables? Happy hug on these letters!


  • Reminiscing on the early days of his baby dood and his latest and greatest mohawk bandito dood sharing a few timeless derivatives by Juiced.


  • If you hold a Cyclo 1/1, you may receive airdrop of free art. Check out a piece he made for Mr. G.

  • Dropped a new 1/1 called "Discovery" featuring his pink haired dood and pawky in the laboratory working on the top secret dooply matter concoction. I think we may need a wizzy to supervise. 🧙


  • Saw the new Doodles inspired Vinnie art and is on a derivative kick. If you wondered what VH Doodles 2 wearable might look like, look no further than the man, the myth, the legend: TOM. Nice threads dood! 🪡

  • Here's one he made for RGo's notable dood.

🎨Banana Candy

  • While the #howtocatchaburnttoast series is long over, we do love a good bananfied Burnt Toast derivative on the timeline from time to time. Check out this derivative work of the latest Doodles 2 sneak peek!


  • Proof of steak > Proof of work. The art of subtly flexing your workout and Doodles neon sign.


  • I'm gonna tell my kids this is Doodle fever, it's highly contagious.


  • We do a little DoodlePutt photo fomo dump. Can someone say I MISS ART BASEL. I cri.


  • New gm animation with their turtleneck, mustache, coffeehead dood. It appears to be by PJETCH but we have yet to confirm its creator. Until then it remains a mystery until it becomes declassified or decaffeinated.

Products + Companies


  • They are popping up all across the globe!

🔨Alchemy Chains

🔨Mark Labs

  • Doodler Mark Tillery has dropped a new mintable ticket that can be exchanged for an animation of your Doodle!

Thanks for reading this weeks newsletter, hopefully it brought some color to your world. We’ll see you next week!🌈

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