The TGIDigest: Week of 1/2/23

🌎 Doodles is here to color our worlds. It is here to inspire us all to reconnect with our inner-child. To remind us we can do anything with the power of our imagination.

Official News

🌈 Doodles 2

  • Doodles 2 traits can be changed without paying transaction fees (gas). Doodles 2 traits are non-tradable.

  • Wearables are individual NFTs and are tradable. It is unclear if it will cost gas to change your wearables (presumably not).

  • A doodle can be dooplicated only once.

  • Dooplicators have perpetual utility, one use case is they will be able to be used on other collections, as a vampire attack, to bring in traits from outside of Doodles in to Doodles 2!

  • Dooplicator rarity improves what you get from each use, the rarer the better the outcome.

  • The first wave of Doodles 2 will be a 'beta' and the maximum amount of units is 33,000. The population depends on how many people use their genesis boxes and dooplicators.

Gold Check Verification

  • Doodles official twitter, Burnt Toast, Tulip, and Poopie all secured gold check verification on Twitter. As a precautionary note, there are tons of impersonators and scammer who attempt to impersonate Doodles team and official accounts frequently. We hope this new level of verification will help deter against malicious activity.


  • Here we find the Doodles mascot in the grass in prone zen mode. Psychedelic and enchanting animation with a nice soundtrack to pair. Come meditate with Doodles.🧘

Team Action + Speculation


  • Poopie cat is back on his BS. What better way to ring in the New Year than Poopie's shitpost resolution.

  • He's doin it, day by day, brick by brick, tweet by tweet.

Mascot on the move

  • For the first time since it was acquired back in October 2021 by the team and put into Tulip's vault, the Doodles mascot was transferred to another wallet. Speculation around the Mascot being dooplicated.

Community Spaces/Threads + Perspectives

πŸ“’ Nitty B

  • Reflecting on personal accomplishments for 2022, notably making a move, staying healthy, getting engaged, and cofounding Island Labs with Pop Zaddy! GO NITTY GO!

Dunked Cookie

  • Dropped a thread about the importance of nostalgia in marketing. Cookie believes that eliciting nostalgia when marketing in the NFT space will prevails as the premier method to boost brands to the next level.

Pablo Punkasso

  • Taking ye old Doodles display case out for a stroll. Indeed his squadron is looking GOOOOOOD, just in time for Doodles 2. In response to the recent news from Poopie, Pablo scooped up 11 more Doodles and Doops. πŸ‘€


  • 1k ETH for the ze monkey dood or GTFO, respectfully. Needless to say ultra's conviction is Doodles has not waned.

  • He also swept 28 more doodles, nuff said. πŸ’₯


  • Wrote a medium article that summarizes what Doodles is, what they have done so far, how the team has grown, where they are going, and comparing them to other successful mass appeal brands called "Why I am bullish on Doodles." It's a great read that gives community shoutouts and goes much deeper than your average article on Doodles from a news perspective, it is special because it comes from an actual actively participating community member. Great job Blake!


  • 2023 has officially been dubbed Year of the Doodles. Make sure to grab your Doodstrology chart from the JKB shopify store if you did not already know this 🀣


  • In a similar fashion to the advancement of auction tech that we saw with the Doodle bucket auction, Tom sees the dooplicator as establishing the interoperability and monetization protocol for the PFP space. Its crucial to think beyond what the experience of holders with the release of doops, boxes, and Doodles 2 and think what it means for the NFT space at large. In doing so, it will make massive strides if executed properly.


  • Is keeping their fingers crossed that the blockchain for Doodles 2 will be flow! Pranksy sees the secret recipe as flow + instagram= effective delivery to the masses.


  • Doodlers Crier and Redsox guy hosted a new episode of NerdFT where they talk about all the recent Doodles 2 leeks.


  • Share a thread of 5 of their favorite Doodles community derivatives.

Trait Sub-community News

🧩 Wizzy Ministry

  • T-minus 1 month for all Doodlers, Doops, and Boxers to pre-register for their free Triwizzy Tournament tokens. If you miss the deadlines, some supply will be available for .02. HOLDERS PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO REGISTER!

  • Triwizzy Tournament Update #6 is live!

Cali Doods

  • Doodlers Nitty B and NFT Santana are hosting an unofficial Doodles meet up in Los Angeles, California on January 12th. If you wanna pull thru hit up either of these 2 doods for the deets!

Doodlebank Proposals

🐷 Jon HQ Discord Audit

  • Jon is asking for funding to do a security audit of the Doodles discord.

  • Ask: 5 ETH

  • Purpose: secure Doodles discord, mitigate damage if there was some form of compromise.

  • Discussion forum

Lore + Artwork

🎨 Eyal

  • What happens when the Wizzy Ministry and Coffee Doods collab? We're about to find out! Eyal is dripped in his coffee head all 2023.


  • Dropped a little 2x2 derivative mash up with works from: Cyclo, Miki, Vinnie Hager, and Doodity.


  • Deeds rang in the 2023 with a derivative of the Doodles 1st Birthday animation of their Dood. KAZZZZOODLES πŸŽ‰


  • Took some inspiration from a canon photo Burnt Toast dropped a few weeks back and ran with it it. Juiced went above and beyond, replaced the subjects with tons of his friends in Doodles and animated over 25 for this piece. Magnificent job, the animation style is so nice and bouncy too!

  • Juiced's animation game is goin up up up. Made this super groovy dancing animation for Iculus, its safe to say that IC has got the moves.


  • What happens when Cyclo gets a fun 3D idea and ties it into the Doodleverse... He creates a very long line of Doodlers wanting to get their own custom rooms! Smooth, elegant, futuristic, and puffy; check out these rooms he made for Steeve, RSG, Doodlifts, and Bandit.



  • Winky's daughter is quite attached to pictures of his Doods. Super cute and bullish on kids enjoying Doodles on a piece of paper, immersive experiences will reign supreme.


  • Got his Zen dood hanging out, happy to be in its forever home. Gravitational good vibes.


  • Caught Matt Barnes and Baron Davis giving a shoutout to Doodles referring to LA Clippers coach Ty Lue.


  • Made a fun 4 image continuous graphic for Poopie's current cat in a hat pfp, its so friggin cute!


  • Chief made a deal with Bastiboii to scoop this Alfie Motion 1/1 "Puke Dash". Doods looking out for Doods.


  • Is the first dood to our visibility to take their Doodles Flower Ball Marker out for a spin, newsflash it pops off on grass. 🌸


  • One million dollars anon... E. All of the above - Tulip. Crowd goes wild!


  • Made a really fun sketch style animation for W1nterfire utilizing a pencil in hand to create the outline, popping into normalcy, and exit transitioning via being erased by the eraser.


  • Made his first ever foami wall logo for Doodler Alchemy Chains, the foami was made in Alchemy's muted subtle dark mode color palette. An iconic piece of Doodles community physical artwork.


  • Made Cyclo a new logo in his signature writing style. Cyclo has stated that there are some big plans that he has up his sleeve for 2023 as a creatoor.

NFT Pres

  • If you own a killabear and a Doodle you can reach out to get a full body derivative of your Doodle! If you'd like one, reach out to @mr_benft. As you can tell, Doodles skip leg dayπŸ˜‚


  • Journey 2 Doodle has officially rebranded as Art Dood! After securing his Doodle before the New Year we knew J2D had a new moniker on the horizon, and we must say Art Dood is badass. Let the memes begin.

  • The first adventures of Art Dood commence.

  • A trip down memory lane of the work he's completed over this past year!


  • Oops I did it again! Brainbow to the max!

Products + Companies

πŸ”¨ Icy Drips

  • Doodler HappyNote recently launched their luxury clothing line called Icy Drips. They make customized clothing with your favorite pfp made with Swarovski crystals.


  • The Noodles Chase the Rainbow Bounty Program ends on the last day of January. There are still funds available to claim for completing tasks in the: development, art, and writing disciplines. If the funds are not fully disseminated, the remainder will be returned to the Doodlebank!

Thanks for reading this weeks newsletter, hopefully it brought some color to your world. We’ll see you next week!🌈

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